Sunday Mise en Place (Feb. 12 to 18, ‘018)

Welcome back to the Mise en Place, hope everyone is had a great week. For me, it was one of life’s tougher weeks, it didn’t entirely go how I hoped it would. And, the stress of it all seems ready to break us down. But, all I can do is keep my head down and get through it, and what better way to stay on track than the Mise en Place. So, it may be short but, let’s get into what’s going on-

What’s Going On-

I’ve been sick all week. I had to go to court on Wednesday. Trying to keep up on work. And, stress. So, yeah.

Valentine’s Day was good, it is a fun holiday for the kids and they enjoyed the card exchange at school. I made sure that Jenn got some extra appreciation because she has, even more, to stress about than I do.

Last Weeks Posts-

  • Have you watched Our Cartoon President yet? Just got it in Canada. Check out my review, here.
  • Lots of my posts started to get shared on Facebook this week. It has brought some amazing exposure and I am excited about it. If you’re interested you can follow these sites to get some of my articles on Facebook: Only in Canada, Your Everyday Canadian.
  • Check out this second part of a Bubbleblabber Family Guy breakdown: top babies from Family Guy.


Hopefully, as this week seems to be the culmination of all the stress, things start back on track. A review of episode three of Our Cartoon President should be up in the morning, and a retro movie review later this week on BB. Tonnes of Canada articles all over as I get caught up this week. And, of course we gotta get the blog back after a rough month.


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