Comic Review: The Terrifics #1

Finally, what we have all been waiting for, the return of a Fantastic Four comic series… kind of. In the extended suspension of Marvel’s Fantastic Four, DC figured if they’re not gonna do it, we will. And, thank goodness for that.

I may be one of the most excited comic nerds on the planet for this series- I may have been standing outside my comic shop before it opened this morning, so I could grab a copy first thing. Not only have I been an advocate for bringing Fantastic Four back, but I also happen to be a big Plastic Man fan. But, as if the comic gods had to sell this book on me anymore, it happens to be scribed by my favourite Canadian writer, Jeff Lemire- whom, I may have mentioned once or twice, or a hundred times on my website.

As for this issue, I went in aware that we were going to have to take our time with bringing the team together and establishing a storyline. So, expectations were pretty much met. Bringing these four seemingly random characters together would require a specific plot, and that’s what we’re getting, as Mr. Terrific is helping his fellow heroes while stopping the villain’s dastardly plan of crossing dimensions.

Characters are on point, Metamorpho and Mr. Terrific are what I expect of them, and the latter will make a great leader of his own team. Plastic Man is a great choice, not only does he fit the FF-rip-off vibe but, comic relief in spades- he also deserves to be on this small team. I honestly don’t know much about Phantom Girl, and her intro of coming from planet… umm, Bllkrzt? Elbrrsst? I forget… Anyways, it threw me off a little bit but, we will see.

A simple start for some solid characters- except the non-solid one. I am just ecstatic to have some form of FF back, and I know Jeff Lemire won’t let me down. Let’s get this book going!

Score: 8/10

Thanks, simply to not destroying my hopes entirely.


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