Sunday Mise en Place (Mar. 5 to 11, ‘018)

Welcome back to the Sunday Mise en Place, a weekly wrap up/break down of everything going on for the Green Onion Blog. Sunday is the day to check in, and you can get a stack of Green Onion articles to check out, plus a peek at what’s coming. A bit of an exciting week around here, which is a good time to lead into the next segment, What’s Going On.

What’s Going On-

A quick happy birthday shout-out to Nana! The kids are excited to sing for you, answer the phone! Happy birthday, Kristi!

Speaking of the birthdays, this week marked another significant event. My nephew and his wonderful partner officially brought their first bright-eyed baby into this world. I am ecstatic to take on the title of great uncle. Something that makes me extra happy considering my great aunt has always been one of my favourite people ever. Anyways, congratulations guys!

Some extra good news, at least for me, is the weather is actually turning. It is nice today, like in the positives. I’m sure there will be a few more snowfalls, but it’s something. A good week for it, as the kids have been going swimming with school all week, and that first day they completely froze. However, all that extra activity mixed with the massive weather shift has dropped Zyler, and he’s been sick in bed for two days.

I am also really excited to announce that I received a special email this week. The Green Onion Blog is officially heading to Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo. I received my media pass! And, while I have some other pressing things to do for other places I write for, I completely intend on keeping up with the live experience started last year. Unlike the previous couple though, this could be up to 4-days of cosplays, celebs, comic books, panels, and whatever other goodies I can find. It is something to look forward to for the end of April.

Last Week’s Posts-


I was supposed to be back on the Simpsons and Family Guy reviews this week, but Fox pushed back the date. I guess there is an O.J. documentary or something tonight. My regular Bubbleblabber articles will be up though. Lot’s of Canada articles on Daily Tings as well. For the G.O.B. I may put out a review today still, maybe tomorrow. These comic reviews have been fun, expect more and more. Hopefully, a Parenting Stew will be on the way soon as well, oh I want to do a top 10 soon too. So many things to do, so many words, so little time.



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  1. Oh congrats proud great uncle! That is great news indeed 🙂


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