Comic Review: Gideon Falls #1

I think that I have made it pretty evident that I am a huge fan of Jeff Lemire.  The Canadian creator is easily my favourite modern comic book writer, and he has a way of telling stories that resonates with me.  So, since I heard about the new project, Gideon Falls I counted down the days.  Lemire reuniting with Green Arrow and Old Man Logan artist, Andrea Sorrentino, to create their own story was enough to get me excited.  But, hearing where this story came from and what it means to Lemire is a whole new ballgame.

Lemire describes Gideon Falls as decades in the making.  Long before Essex County proved him to be a powerhouse creator, this was the project he wanted to make.  With origins in a short film he created in film school to being one of the first stories Lemire ever put into comic form, there is literally decades of plot brewing inside the brilliant writer’s head.  Considering I would read Lemire’s shopping list for entertainment, Gideon Falls is a must read.


Gideon Falls starts out in the first issue much as I had hoped, brooding and mysterious.  Right off the bat, you can tell this is a much darker world than you are used to from Lemire- you can feel that this is a story from a 20-something film student from Toronto in the mid-90’s.  There are two main characters, one mentally ill man who believes there is a conspiracy hidden in the city’s trash, and a Reverend sent to Gideon Falls after the last father died of mysterious causes.  These two distant storylines are destined to cross paths as they can both seemingly see a black barn that represents evil incarnate.

There is an overall sense about the book that there is darkness abound.  A priest moving to a small town is always an excellent way to start a book with bad things about to happen.  I appreciate that these two artists are taking their time and building an ambience within the pages.  Rushing this series would hurt they style, and I am intrigued enough.


I couldn’t be happier that Sorrentino is doing the art for this series.  I quickly fell in love with his bold sketchy style in Old Man Logan.  There is an element of his work that carries Lemire’s storytelling perfectly, and if I had to choose someone other than the writer to draw this book, Sorrentino is an ideal choice.  Dustin Nguyen’s art on Descender is unbelievably amazing, but Gideon Falls needed the raw form of a Leinel Yu or Sorrentino.

There is no estimation of how long the Gideon Falls series is expected to run, but I am on board for the long haul.  I have recently been starting some new series and sharing my reviews, like Oblivion Song, but Gideon Falls is probably the most intriguing to me thus far.  Something is gravitating me to the book, mix that with the mystery, and Lemire’s long-time attachment, I am eating it up.  Can’t wait for more.

Score: 9/10


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