Sunday Mise en Place (Mar. 12 to 18, ‘018)

I always wondered how many people hungover the day after St. Patrick’s Day had green poop because of all of the food colouring? Anyways, I hope everyone is faring well, and welcome back the Sunday Mise en Place. This is the post where you can find a weekly wrap-up of all the goodies that I’ve written from all corners of the web. The M.e.P. is also a great place to let everybody know what’s going on in life. So, what is going on?

What’s Going On-

Massive weather shifts from winter to spring and then winter again, to maybe spring is here, to nope, definitely winter… and that was just yesterday. This week has been all over from hot out to rainy to another blizzard. And, I totally called it, that all the weather change would get one of us sick. Sure enough, we’ve all been hurting this week. Except for Alex who has more 5-year-old energy than ever- just to make being sick that much more fun.

The family put in many hours of work and meticulous planning into our leprechaun trap this year. We’ve been hearing about scientists capturing leprechauns in Dublin, Ireland and tried to replicate their techniques. Unfortunately, the little bugger slipped us by again this year leaving nothing but a tiny note and gold sparkles everywhere. There’s always next year.

Last Week’s Posts-


Have a few reviews lined up, plenty of comics and movies and stuff to talk about. You know what sucks, is how long it is taking me to get through my book right now. But, I love it and want to take my time it just sucks because there is so much more to be reading. Also, a lot more of my other work coming through including a few new reviews on Bubbleblabber. Plenty is coming down the pipes so stay tuned. Thanks, everyone.



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