Netflix Review: Jessica Jones – Season 2


I will be honest, I have been on the fence with Marvel’s Netflix programming.  Daredevil, Luke Cage, Punisher, and even The Defenders all failed to get much of a rise from me, basically, they are all, meh.  Iron Fist was unwatchable, we can just leave that there.  But, the first season of Jessica Jones was spectacular and that had me excited for the recent release of the return of the powerful private investigator.

Season one was a triumph for one standout reason, the villain.  The Purple Man was by far the greatest villain introduced in the MCU, any of them.  That is, of course, until the release of Black Panther, and the unforgettable Killmonger.  Purple Man is a highly under-utilized character in the comic books, the guy is just trouble.  Having a full season of a powerful woman like Jessica Jones dealing with the mind-controlling villain was a recipe for success.  It was so good it could have been cut down to a two-hour film and stood beside Marvel’s money makers in the theatres.

My biggest concern with the second season of Jessica Jones was how well it could hold up without the stage-stealing villain.  Of course, the best thing you can do is bring Purple Man back to life, but that may be best saved for a future season of The Defenders.  So, how do you combat not having this amazing enemy and keep the show relevant?  Apparently, their answer was to make everyone the villain.

Jessica Jones season two is a bit of a mess with no consistent storyline tying it together front and back.  It felt like the whole plot would shift from one episode to the next and you could never quite figure out what the goal was.  However, in some strange way, it really worked.  Every main character in this series was at one point or another the bad guy- including Jessica.  Some of the plot points were frustrating, but it helped to create an overall story that everyone is a villain if you look at it from different perspectives.


Despite the philosophy behind the series theme, there were some glaring flaws.  There were so many holes in the story and I found myself questioning “why” or “how” far too many times.  With 13 one-hour episodes, you think that you could keep things consistent and have the opportunity to explain how certain characters end up in a certain place at a specific time.  The worst of these holes is absolutely the conclusion when there are seemingly zero consequences for the titular characters actions throughout the show.  It would not have hurt them to put Jessica in the mud leading into a third season, or a reunion of The Defenders.

No matter, Jessica Jones is still easily the best female character in the entire MCU thus far.  While I am not a supporter of The Defenders making an appearance in the major films, I still think an acknowledgement would be great.  All you need to do is have Tony Stark mention that he has hired a P.I. in Hell’s Kitchen and suddenly Jessica’s reputation skyrockets.  But, how much more can I ask of these people who continue to deliver entertainment that was unimaginable just years ago?  Jessica Jones season two achieved what it needed to and kept her on the top of the Marvel-Netflix series, but that is all it did.  Next time we visit the private investigator it will be time to raise the stakes.


Score: 8/10



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  1. I think that Hela was a pretty decent Villain in Thor. I agree with you in terms of it being nice if the movie giants mentioned Jessica or her fellow defenders, maybe one day…
    Interesting how they’ve put Trish AKA Hellcat into this series, curious to see how they’ll go with her powers from the comics.


  2. Laura Beth says:

    We actually liked Season 2 better – Season 1 was way too heavy and dark. We were less depressed with Season 2. Krysten Ritter was a perfect choice for Jessica Jones!

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  3. Olaf Lesniak says:

    Really sounds like something I woudn’t enjoy especially when I dislike every Netflix Marvel show except for Daredevil Season 2, while season 1’s of Luke Cage and DD were good enough.

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  4. I wrote a post recently about my dislike of superhero TV. I got 1 episode into season 2 and didnt continue as it just didnt hook me. seems to be the case with nearly all Superhero TV shows. Great review!:)

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