Sunday Mise en Place (Mar. 19 to 25, ‘018)

I’ve always enjoyed writing the year with the unnecessary zero. The ‘018 looks better to me than an ’18. I cannot explain why, but I am sticking with it. I have my own blog to have my own fun in little satisfactory ways. What better place to put it down than the Mise en Place, your one-stop shop for everything this little freelance writer for hire has been up to. So, what’s going on?

What’s Going On-

Honestly, this has been a crazy week. There is not much that I should actually put out there for the entire internet to read, but it involves some pretty heavy stuff that will take me back to family court. This happens quite a bit more than I like it to, obviously. It is all good; my family is safe and sound. One day I will write a book about all of the crazy adventures I go on. For now, I would be concerned about sharing opinions openly for anybody to read. It is just that nut-bar.

And then this other crazy thing happened that I also cannot share on the internet for some entirely different reasons. Oh man, everything is so cool behind this curtain I am hiding behind. You guys are really missing out. Really cool and exciting stuff is going on, and you guys can’t know about. Your curiosity is so high right now. That must suck, why do you even follow me?

Last Week’s Articles-

  • Jessica Jones is such a great character, and I absolutely love the show, check out my review of season two. I was wondering if Brian Michael Bendis would continue his work with the series now that he has left the Marvel bullpen for DC. Does anybody have some clue on that?


One day I am going to write that book.



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  1. Laura Beth says:

    Have a great week!

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