Sunday Mise en Place (Mar. 26 to Apr. 1, ‘018)


I am so tired.  I guess it is Easter or something.  My kids woke up full of juice this morning ready to hunt for some chocolate.  It turns out, yet another magical being invaded our house last night to leave treats.  Between Santa, the tooth fairy, and this mutant egg-laying bunny, there are a lot of people that can get into our home while we are sleeping.  Which does not help us with telling our kids they are safe and secure at home.  What if somebody with negative intentions stole this house invasion magic from these mystical creatures?  It’s all a bit creepy.  Anyways-

What’s Going On-

It’s been a hefty spring break.  Working from home is fantastic most of the time, but it gets hard to get it all done when the kids have a week off from school.  Needless to say, I am excited for studies to start up again this week.  Especially with the next couple days being fueled by excess chocolate and candy.

We had a bit of an insane day the other day.  It turns out I am completely allergic to kiwi.  After enjoying the sweet fruit the other day, my throat got all itchy.  Worried that it was getting worse, we got in the car to get to a doctor.  It turns out that a car does not get very far when you forget to put gas in it.  So, we have the kids freaking out, our car is stuck in the middle of nowhere, and my face is turning red like a tomato.  As I am walking to the nearest gas station, of course, I slip on the ice because Calgary.  Thankfully a puddle caught my fall.  So, I arrive at the gas station, soaking wet, face beet red, and my throat is closing up.  I tried to ask them where I could find a gas can, but it comes out more like “arugh grahh glurgh.”  The two attendants look at me like I am an insane person pulling the hair out of a baboon’s back.  One of them turns to me, and he says to me, he says, “april fools, mister.”  Sorry, I had to do something, and you guys were so on guard, I had to slip it in somewhere.

Last Week’s Posts-


A whole new month and some good things are in the works.  Besides the necessary pop culture history lesson dropping next week, I do have a little project this month.  It involves organizing some essential Marvel comic titles, so if you love comics, this should be fun.  Besides that, I am going to be a busy dude for most the month.  However, we can all look forward to my live feed of the Calgary Expo at the end of April.  And, y’know, all of that other stuff I write.


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