Comic Review: Gideon Falls #2


The Background-

Today marks the release of the second issue of Gideon Falls, and I couldn’t be any more excited.  I ate up that first issue like it was a tiny little cupcake- like one of those adorable micro-cupcakes from those miniature cooking videos.  I went on and on in my review, which I slapped with a 9/10 score. Clearly, the second issue was a must buy, a write this date down in my agenda must buy.

It wasn’t just me who saw the glory to the introduction of this world I the first issue. #1 has already received a second printing and has been raking in ratings higher than my own- and we all know I am a sucker for Jeff Lemire, who scribes this series.  Andrea Sorrentino is providing some of his best work to the Lemire themes, and everyone is eating tiny cupcakes.

The Cover-


Leading up until the release of Gideon Falls, we received a lot of looks at issue covers and peaks at Sorrentino’s artwork.  To me, this cover aligns with all the rest, in that it is full of mystery and intrigue.  Although, in this one, you do get the bonus of a map, kind of.

The Story-

Norton, the mentally ill trash-picker is more adamant than ever on his mission to find lost pieces of the brooding black barn.  He puts his trust in his therapist, Dr. Xu, and explains his purpose. Clearly, she thinks him nutbar. However, by the end of the issue, she has a little revelation of her own.

Meanwhile, Father Fred is in some deep water after he was the last person to see Ms. Trembley alive.  The police are equally as sceptical of a suspicious black barn as Dr. Xu, which smacks the reverend in prison.  Although, the arrival of another dead body in town is sure to shake things up.

The Review-

Diving deeper into this world just adds up to more questions.  Lemire continues to make this mystery all that more puzzling.  I wish I could hold my horses with this series and let the issues pile up so I can slam it all in one go.  Instead, I torture myself by allowing these morsels to seep in and drive me crazy- I need to know what is going on in Gideon Falls.

I love Sorrentino’s art throughout the book.  There is a haze to the whole concept that has you questioning everything. When things get, exciting Sorrentino adds a pop of sharp red images that capture your attention.  It is an interesting style.  Also, for some reason the character profile of the deputy of Gideon Falls, I thought was done brilliantly.

By far I am loving this series- as frustrating as it can be.  I am driven to find out more about what this all means.  Most importantly, why is this trash-picker so verily important?  There are so many reveals in the future of this series; I will be loving every moment of it.  Overall, if you want to join me in going crazy trying to piece this puzzle of a series together, it is totally worth it.


The Score-



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