Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo Kick-Off


Well, it is that time of year again.  Thousands upon thousands of nerds will be flocking together in my hometown to celebrate comics, pop culture, and basically anything geeky.  Over the next four days, there will be stars, creators, and paraphernalia of all sorts to see in Western Canada’s largest nerd fest.

Do I sound pumped?

For certain I am.  This is my favourite event of the year, and I never know what to expect.  This year’s amazing guests includes the likes of Jeff Goldblum, Jim Lee, Rob Liefeld, Elijah Wood, and Jessica Nigri.  Needless to say, it’s going to be an excellent year for the Calgary Expo.

I am pumped to be enjoying all four days of this event and will be soaking up as much as I possibly can.  But, oh no, do not worry, how could I go to this spectacular show and not bring you?  Although, I do plan on changing the format from previous conventions I have shared on the Green Onion Blog.

This year, I will be doing some exclusive pieces for Bubbleblabber- who is sponsoring my adventures.  Usually, I keep everyone up-to-the-minute with a live blog feed with hour by hour updates on the expo.  However, I will be shaking that up for 2018.  No worries, there will be plenty of content for you to see.

Firstly, and foremostly, I will be switching the live blog feed to Twitter.  It is quicker, easier to share, and easier for you to find and keep updated.  Just makes sense, right?  If you are interested in seeing what’s going on as I do, follow me on the Twitter @GreenOnionBlog.

Secondly, and second-foremostly, I will still be sharing the full experience on the blog.  Instead of a live feed, I will write up a day-in-review sort of deal and share it.  This will come out either at the end of each day or in the mornings- not sure yet.

Finally, and final-mostly, as I mentioned, I will be writing some exclusive content for Bubbleblabber.  No idea how many yet, but I intend on treating my editor well for getting me into the show.  So, I will be certain to share that with all of you as it comes out.  The best place to find it all will probably be in the Sunday Mise en Place this and next week.

Doors open at 4 pm local time today, and I am excited to share my fun with all of you.  Unfortunately, it means I am missing opening day of Avengers, but hopefully, I can squeeze that in tomorrow.

Thanks, nerds, update you soon.


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