Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo: Day Three


First off, for some context I will mention that last week in Calgary it was snowing. Today it was plus 24 degrees (Celsius), and it was the busiest day of the Expo. So, it was hot, and it was crowded. But, that was not stopping anyone from having an amazing time at the geek fest, it was not stopping the cosplayers from bearing their often cumbersome outfits, it was not stopping collectors from making their rounds to every possible vendor. It was a fantastic day at the Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo.

My day was filled up with some brilliant panels, and I had the chance to meet some amazing individuals. Little fun: I met ½ of crackmacs. For those of you not from Calgary- which is all of my readers because all of my real-life friends are jerks- crackmacs is a bit of a local celebrity in the social media scene. The husband and wife duo are in the thick of the Calgary scene and like to say what everybody else in the city are thinking. They do great stuff, and if you are in Calgary you should be following, here’s a link. If you’re not in Calgary… don’t worry about it.

I landed myself in about eight panels today… let’s see what I remember.

Started off watching a sketch duel between Tom Grummet and Ty Templeton. Templeton did a panel earlier this week which blew my mind a bit, so I was all about watching him once more. A sketch duel involved two artists drawing from suggestions of the crowd on character, and a situation. Tom delivered up a great full-colour sketch of Deadpool in full Wonder Woman attire. Ty, I think won with his interpretation of Batman in a cowboy hat which involved Bats riding Robin like a horse.

Next, I went to see Tom Cavanagh a.k.a. The Reverse Flash from the Flash television show, and of course Ed of Ed. Fans were treated to Cavanagh’s short film that he produced with Grant Gustin, also of Flash- like the Flash. The film titled Tom and Grant was hilarious, and I am not sure if it makes it on YouTube or when you will have the chance to watch it, but it’s worth it. A Green Onion score of 7/10.

Jim Lee! Yeah, the comic legend himself from… everything good, made his appearance. The master artist knocked out two brilliant sketches of Wonder Woman and Catwoman while speaking on what lead him to comics. I always find his interpretation of the creation of Image Comics fascinating. He was inspiring and funny and basically everything you hope he will be. Rob Liefeld cancelled his panel for unknown reasons, but he still did autographs? Not sure what happened there.

Then I saw Wallace Shawn, and that was kind of surreal. Shawn is from every single movie you ever watched in the 90’s and is now in every animated film ever. A compressed filmography would include Toy Story, Princess Bride, Clueless, A Goofy Movie, Canadian Bacon; you get my point. His voice is iconic, and he is so memorable it was weird to be in his presence. More so than other celebrities because it felt like he should be my principal, or my Prime Minister, or I should be in a battle of the wits with the guy.

I had to slip out of Shawn’s panel a tad early because… *insert drumroll (just pretend, like do it in your head)* … Jeff Goldblum! Yes, yes he is as majestic in real life. He has an aura about him that truly lets the man do what he feels like. This guy made Jurassic Park and Independence Day- two of the most significant movies of my growing up- that much better.

I wrapped up the day by catching the children’s cosplay contest and flip, those kids are great. My favourite was the family of Justice Leaguers. The miniature version of the troll from Harry Potter won the show, and it was well-deserved. It was a well-done costume.

Anyways, it was an awesome day, and I am super disappointed that tomorrow is the last day, but we can’t live in comic books forever… or can we?


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