Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo: Day Two

On Thursday the Expo was open for just a few short hours. It was kind of a soft opening, meaning Friday things truly got moving. It was also a bit of a glimpse at how busy this show will be on Saturday- which is certain to be the busiest day.

Two days down, and I still feel like I have not captured everything that the show has to offer. With my time filling up for the last two days, I am not sure if it is even possible to squeeze it all in.

Anyways, I caught some amazing panels on Friday with some significant pop culture ties.

First off, I got into the Chris Sarandon Q&A. Sarandon is the brilliant Prince Humperdink of Princess Bride. However, he is also known for his voice talents as Jack Skeleton. There was a lot of Princess Bride fans in attendence and tonnes of discussion on his role as the dick in the film.

What blew me away was Anthony Daniels over-the-top larger-than-life persona. C-3PO was not a standout character. In fact, many Star Wars fans feel that he was the franchises weakest link- pre-Jar Jar, pre-Ewoks, pre-Last Jedi. But, the man behind the golden suit is an eccentric crowd pleaser. A little bit cocky, but with every right. How many people can say they have appeared in every Star Wars film?

Next, I sat in on Richard Horvitz Q&A. Horvitz is the voice behind many, and I mean many memorable cartoon characters. He most most celebrated as the talent behind Invader Zim. Each voice actor I have seen is incredible at bringing these characters out at the drop of a dime, but Horvitz has an ability to bring any character to life. And, really any character he was a better Speed Racer than Speed Racer. I am hoping to get an interview with Horvitz yet, so I will leave this here.

Finally, to top Friday’s events off was a panel that many have flocked to the Calgary Expo just to see. The cast of Back to the Future sat down to share their experiences on one of the most timeless pop culture flicks ever made. Unfortunately, Mr. Michael J. Fox recently went in for surgery and was unable to make this weekends show.

Surprisingly, Tom Wilson stole the night. Like stole it. Biff was unlikely to be a big draw, but he took it upon himself to fill the first 15 minutes of the panel with his recounting of being cast in the unforgettable role. Lea Thompson, who I personally love more for her involvement in Red Dawn, shared her experience of playing multiple roles with one character. I wish we could have heard more from Christopher Lloyd, but the legend was still as hilarious as he was when he entered our childhoods.

Anyways, I got work today. Look forward to some cool sh-tuff. I am finishing this up at an artist panel, but I will share more later. Also, today ends with a major cosplay contest. Check in for the next Expo update, or follow me on the Twitter. Until then, I have to go nerd out.


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