Sunday Mise en Place (Apr. 23 to 29, ‘018)

A peak at my home page and I think it is pretty evident what I am up to. I am thoroughly enjoying my time at the Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo. Obviously, this is a pretty significant week in my calendar, and with all of my updates I am sure that you weren’t expecting a Mise en Place today. Well, here we are. So, what’s going on?

What’s Going On-

This has been a bit of a roller coaster week for me. With the preparation for this weekend I have also been on a freelance writing rampage. Looking for work in every spot I possibly can, it’s been a little nutty. However, listening to some of these all-star creators at the Expo has been inspiring and I am ready to put pen to paper- or, fingers to keyboard- in a big way.

I also clean up alright. With receiving a press pass, I figure I should look the part, haircut, fresh threads, and what-not. This weekend I was even quickly mistaken for Mark Ruffalo. Not what I was going for, but, I mean, he is the Hulk. So, I’ll take it.

Speaking on the press pass, it has been awesome. Between skipping the lines and preferred seating the best part is the networking. I have met some really amazing people that do what I do. Maybe a little less dorky though.

Last Week’s Posts-


As I mentioned, I have been inspired this weekend, so I will be putting all kinds of the things together. I am excited to share some Expo content on Bubbleblabber, keep an eye out for that. And, blog followers can get ready for their pop culture history lesson for May coming in the next few days.

Anyways, I have a packed day with lots going on and cramming in the last day of the Expo. So, be sure to follow along on the Twitter. I am off, Elijah Wood is on in minutes.


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