Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo: Day Four


The largest pop culture convention in Western Canada is officially all wrapped up.  It was a spectacular weekend full of amazing guests, vendors, and food.  I can easily say that this was the best year yet, and the expansion of Artists Alley was a complete success.  I would like to send a shout out to all of the organizers and volunteers that make this event bigger and badder year in and year out. Congratulations on another successful year and thank you for all that you do.

I understand why this show is only four days long.  My legs are tired, I am completely wiped out, and possibly a little overwhelmed with all that I soaked in.  Sunday was a slower day on the schedule and my time was mostly filled up with getting content together for Bubbleblabber, so keep an eye out on there for some awesome fresh stuff.

Really, the only panel that I saw that I should share here is a pretty significant one.  Elijah Wood shared his experience on Lord of the Rings, Sin City, Dirk Gently, and Wilfred, as well as plenty of others.  So many titles in fact that it is hard to keep track and I simply could not know them all.  Personally, I was ecstatic to hear about his experience working with the Beastie Boys. That video is one of my favourites, and I was happy to hear how much admiration Wood had for the legendary artists.

Other than that, I took the chance to soak up the show a bit. I put work aside and was just a fan for the last few hours.  These shows are what it’s all about.  I am so proud to be a geek, and I am even happier that I have found an outlet to share all of my fanboying.  Between the cosplay, the amazing panels and all of the strangely awesome people, events like these are where us dorks belong.

Thanks for following along on the journey with me.  As I mentioned, there should still be some content coming out about my experience.  Check in on next week’s Mise en Place, and I should have that all in order for you.  Next expo? Edmonton, I believe.  Or maybe, I will try and hit Saskatoon this year.

Thanks, nerds!


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