Sunday Mise en Place (Apr. 30 to May 6, ‘018)

Happy Sunday everybody! Again, I have spent this week heavily looking for contracts and gigs. So, if anybody is in need of a freelance writer who can write just about anything, I’m your guy, hit me up. I am hoping to pump out this Mise en Place quickly this morning so that the family and I can go soak up some of this awesome weather. It sure feels good to get outside once again and not have to worry about having a hundred layers on and still freezing to death, or a billion slippery ice paths waiting to shatter unsuspecting ankles. Anyways, it was a bit of a week, so let’s check in with what’s going on-

What’s Going On-

This has been a nerd-centric week thus far. With Calgary Comic and Entertainment wrapping up one week ago, I have been focusing on writing in the aftermath. Additionally, we also had Star Wars Day and Free Comic Book Day this weekend. If there is any time to influence your nerdy tendencies onto your children handing them a bunch of free books will do it. For most the year the kids join mom in making light of my comic addiction, but this weekend I get to enjoy watching them flip through the funny books and living in my geek-world.

I mentioned that I was getting more work this weekend, and there are some that I am getting really excited about. One, I thought was worth mentioning as it involves crowdfunding and nerdom. I have connected with Temporal Comics! What this group does is bring back Golden Age comic books that have fallen into public domain. With some character profiling to kick off the program, the hope is to revitalize some of these forgotten gems. I have always been an advocate for the strange and old-school comic books, this is something I can totally get behind, and I am excited to share.

Finally, this week my children, Zyler and Alex, have returned to swimming lessons- always a good time. Little Alex has officially graduated from the pre-school programs and is in the first level on her way to swimming stardom. If only we could get her to stay still and listen to her teacher. Zyler, through a registration slip-up, ended up skipping a level and was completely terrified this week. I think Jenn and I have gotten it through that it’s not a big deal and he is just there to learn to swim no matter what level. But, I am not sure how this poor kid will handle failing his first class.

Last Week’s Posts-


Lots of good things in the works and I am happy to say that I am getting busy. Some solid blog ideas are coming down the pipeline that should be coming up soon. Plus, who knows what kind of reviews I will put up next. There should be plenty coming from me in all corners of the web, so check back here or follow on the Twitter. Also, Jenn thinks I need to get an Instagram account going, what are your thoughts?


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