Comic Review: Oblivion Song #2


The Background-

Geez, I am really late on catching up on Oblivion Song. Such a great first issue, I have been excited about this series, what happened? Oh yeah, comic books are a damn expensive habit. Regardless, it was only a matter of time before I caught up on Robert Kirkman’s latest series. Well worth the wait.

Oblivion Song is blowing up as much as can be expected. I mean, with Kirkman becoming a household name for his amazing Walking Dead creation, he has developed a massive fan base that would read ingredients on a cereal box if he wrote them. Although I do not believe that the series has had an overbearing reception, it is to be expected that a story of this magnitude needs 10-12 issues before it begins to gain some traction. Either way, I am happy to be on this ride early, even if I am a bit late.

The Cover-


After the massive marketing campaign for Oblivion Song’s first issue that featured the Dr. Doom like character facing an apocalyptic world, the second cover is quite underwhelming. While there is some emotion to it, nothing is grabbing your attention and saying, “buy this comic right now.” Perhaps it could even be blamed for my late pickup, but no I can’t blame the incredible artistic talents of Lorenzo De Felici. Still, this story has giant alien monsters; I think we should be expecting more captivating covers than this one.

The Story-

Nathan is back home, and he is showing the couple that he previously saved a museum dedicated to the mass tragedy. By doing such, we get a peek at what happened, at least from Earth’s perspective. When the tour is over the couple drops the bomb on Nathan that there is a group of survivors working together within Oblivion. Of course, he can’t convince anybody to join him to save them, but that is the way of things for him now.

Additionally, there is some drama hidden behind the rest of the characters, but nothing too exciting. It is the conclusion of this book that puts you back. Nathan, again in Oblivion to gather samples before he sets off in search of the survivors is suddenly attacked by a beast. When he lands though, he runs into a survivor, who mysteriously questions Nathan’s humanity.

The Review-

There is a lot of information dropped in the first ten pages, and if you are going to read Oblivion Song at any point, then this is a must-read. It is quite a unique story in which the city was sent to another universe, and the area of Oblivion was replaced on Earth. Monuments, photos, and retellings fill this museum much in the same way it would in real life. It adds a layer of reality that Kirkman is well-known for.

Unfortunately, all the added drama of characters that we are not invested in yet slows the whole thing down. What do we care if person x cheated on person y with person z when there are giant monsters and cool tech to read about still? So far, there have only been glimpses of the action behind the story, some dabblings of politics, and a lot of personal drama. I do wish that, at least for these first few issues, we focused on the big plot and not these side stories.

All in all, it was an essential read to gather some of that background, but the second issue failed to capture my imagination the way the inaugural issue did. I would be happy if Nathan was abandoned in Oblivion and we had none of the Earth storylines. Though the politics of it all is sure to get interesting further down the road.

The Score-



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