Comic Review: The Terrifics #2

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The Background-

I have been completely onboard with DC blatantly ripping off the Fantastic Four and creating their own like team.  The Terrifics was a great idea from the get-go and adding the writing talents of Jeff Lemire put me over the edge.  I love that guy.  Unfortunately, The Terrifics do not have the decades of history that Marvel’s first family does, meaning this team needs to develop and fast.  Especially considering that Marvel has recently announced the reforming of the Fantastic Four later this year (yay, we did it!).

With a line-up of unlikely friends including Mister Terrific, Metamorpho, Phantom Girl, and my personal favourite, Plastic Man, the story is full of potential.  Lemire has had his work cut out for him building this book from scratch with nothing but pieces and the DC Universe all over the board currently.  However, the first issue was full of promise, and now it is time to dive further in.

The Cover-


Another beautiful cover for this mixed bag group of heroes. For months we have been seeing these costumes that closely resembles the former Future Foundation.  But, as of yet the book has not reached this point.  So, I question, why bother with the costumes for this cover?  It wouldn’t be that confusing, would it?

The Story-

After freeing Plastic Man from his egg state and climbing into this “phantom zone”, they discovered Phantom Girl who drops some of her background- as she is the least recognizable character of this team.  Triggering a message from one Tom Strong, Mr. Terrific is on a mission to solve this mystery.  Unfortunately, their presence also triggers the awakening of a giant monster beast, and the team is forced back home quickly.

Back on Earth, safe and sound, the team slowly discovers that things have changed for them.  For one, Phantom Girl is once again able to transform back into a tangible state, but with an explosive side effect.  After promising to help to cure her issue, Mr. Terrific tries to get out of dodge. But, the whole team is shocked to learn that they have been bonded together by some useable force.

The Review-

The background of these heroes coming together in the most unlikely of circumstances will hopefully go down in infamy, though only time will tell.  The origins of this team are supposed to spread a three-issue run, so we cannot expect significant things to happen quite yet.  However, we did get our first glance at the four members working congruently, and there is reason to be excited.

For the most part, Mr. Terrific will be the driving force of how this team operates and what missions they will inevitably face.  Metamorpho called it best when he referred to him as a dick, and he will be the most challenged with working on a team. Plastic Man, on the other hand, is, of course, the comic relief and the biggest draw for many readers.  His interactions with each of the other members thus far have been perfectly entertaining.  And then there’s Phantom Girl, the poor little lady has been stuck in this other world for decades, and now she can’t touch anything, it’s going to be a hard time for her, yet she is still chipper and adorable.

I do not want to break down too much on what works and what doesn’t. I think asking for three issues to establish this team is only fair.  By issues five and six we should be getting right into things, and that excites me.  For now, I am pumped to read the conclusion of this origin storyline.

The Score-



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