Comic Review: Avengers #1

The Background-

It is a new age for Marvel.  This time it is not so much about rekindling readership, but the company’s hands were kind of forced.  A new editor-in-chief in C.B. Cebulski, mastermind Brian Michael Bendis has moved on, and Dan Slott’s impressive reign on Amazing Spider-Man is coming to an end. What better way of dealing with these significant moves, than an overhaul of the complete Marvel line-up.

It all kicks of here-ish, by reassembling of Earth’s mightiest heroes.  With Avengers: Infinity War destroying the box office, there is no better time to relaunch one of Marvel’s most crucial titles.  And, after a lot of events have gone down, it is finally time to bring together old friends, Thor, Iron Man, and Captain America.  The trilogy of heroes are vital to this titles success and fans have reason to be excited.

The Cover-


There it is!  Your new Avengers line-up.  And, boy oh boy, do they ever look mighty.  I am a big fan of relaunching Ghost Rider into a modern hero, She-Hulk and Captain Marvel are notable additions, and with today’s market, Black Panther is essential.  But, bringing Dr. Strange along for the ride opens the doors for plenty of great stories. This is a beast of a team that could genuinely handle almost any scenario.  Except for maybe the first plot…

The Story-

One million years ago, a team much like the modern Avengers assembled to face the most powerful forces in the galaxy, the Celestials.  This flashback ends abruptly before the battle begins, but hopefully, more will be revealed in coming issues.

Cap, Stark, and Thor share a drink and rekindle old friendships that have been tested over time.  Rogers is the first to insist on putting the old band back together, and of course, Iron Man is reluctant.  However, as news comes in of cosmic powers rolling on Earth, these heroes are bound by duty to do whatever is necessary.

Meanwhile, Black Panther and Dr. Strange have uncovered a mystery hidden deep within the Earth.  With old magic and ancient symbols guiding them forward, these two heroes are finding more than they bargained for.  Plus, Captain Marvel, She-Hulk and the new Ghost Rider are being thrown into this story whether they like it or not.

The Review-

Finally, a relaunch that puts these books back into a system that will be easy to follow and entertaining to read.  It has worked out well for the X-Men titles which are now much more like the classic books we grew up on.  And, with the Marvel Cinematic Universe putting these characters in the forefront of entertainment, bringing together a line-up such as this one can only have benefits for the publishers and fans.

I appreciate that these heroes have been through some tribulations, but I like even more that they are moving past them.  It was fun going through all of those major events, but by getting back to some roots, it opens the doors wide open for easy to read creative adventures.  And, it may take a crazy event like dead Celestials falling from the sky to bring them together, but there are lots of simplified stories to tell down the road as well.

Ed McGuinness is a natural choice to draw this title, and he could basically handle any story thrown at him.  However, Jason Aaron was a bit of a surprise to be heading the writing for this major title.  The multiple Eisner award-winning scribe is brilliant and done some amazing things with characters like Thor and Dr. Strange; it should be interesting to see the author take over the forefront of the Marvel Universe in this title.

Oh, and I really loved the Avengers of a million years ago, I sure hope we get to see more of them in the next few issues as the new Avengers establishes itself.  In fact, there are many reasons to be excited to read this series further.  Heck, the whole relaunch is looking promising if these are the types of stories we will be reading.  We will find out soon enough as the next few months we will be seeing plenty of new creative teams taking on new styles and books.

The Score-



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