Comic Review: Avengers #2


The Background-

Marvel’s Legacy relaunch continues with the second issue of Avengers.  There is plenty to be excited about for this rebranding, and this title is just the beginning.  Personally, I am counting down the days to the return of Marvel’s first family the Fantastic Four, but this will do for now.  I absolutely loved the first issue that brought Captain America, Thor and Iron Man back into one another’s good graces, and the addition of other powerful heroes to the line-up should keep this book fascinating.

I would like to put my word in on the big debate going around on She-Hulk right now.  The problem many people are having is that her new look has lost much of her femininity and turn her more into the bruiting beast ala her cousin Bruce Banner. While I agree that making her more of a monster was not necessary and it could have been okay to let her keep her figure, I am a big fan of allowing Jennifer Walters face some of the more difficult issues of being a Hulk in the Marvel Universe.  For too long has She-Hulk been free to reign around as the green-skinned powerhouse without any of the repercussions, her new condition is sure to test her as a character, which makes reading more enjoyable.

The Cover-


This is kind of a fun cover.  At first look I was a bit turned off by the lack of dimensions, but I have come to love that each character is showcased in their unique ways.  The more I see of Ghost Riders wheels, the more I love. And that Celestial, well that equals an instant pick up for comic fans that love the more cosmic storylines.

The Story-

The main trilogy of heroes are back in action together for the first time in a long time.  Joined by Captain Marvel, the Avengers are once again at the front of Earth’s destruction. For the most part, they have some talented ideas on putting an end to this threat, but ultimately are facing an enemy much more powerful than themselves.  The arrival of the Final Host turns the tide of the battle, especially when we find out who is running the cosmic force.

Meanwhile, She-Hulk is transported directly into battle with the new Ghost Rider and seeing these two slug it out is a bit of a beautiful thing. The story is not over for them as the world falling apart around them is going to force them into cooperating moving forward.  As for Black Panther and Dr. Strange… I don’t think they made an appearance?

The Review-

I would love to touch on this new Ghost Rider for a moment.  He is young, has a family that he cares about, and a car that is causing much more problems than it is worth.  I love him.  Much more than the old Ghost Rider who lacked personality.  This Rider has stakes and a serious dilemma with the situations he is being put into.  At contrast with his own actions, he has become a fun character.

There seems to be a lot of focus in this book on nostalgia. Essentially, they are throwing the reuniting of Thor, Stark, and Rogers in our face and saying “Look! They are fighting again, just like you have seen a billion times, but look!” That is fine for now, as this title gathers its legs under it, but I hope that they start to put some fresh struggles in for each of them.  You know, without destroying them as people all over again.

And that surprise villain pulling the strings!  Well, it was well needed, he did help to form the team in his own way.  How could you have an Avengers title and not include him in some way?  But, I hope that they put him back on the shelf as quickly as they pulled him off, the guy is everywhere right now, and it would not hurt to give him a break.

No matter what, I am excited about the future of this book and the Marvel Universe.  There is a lot to be excited about.

The Score-



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