Sunday Mise en Place (May 14 to 20, ‘018)

I have to apologize to winter for any complaining as I did during those frozen months. I would much prefer to be ice cold than hot and sweaty. Things have been getting nice quickly around here, and I can’t stand it. When it’s cold at least, you can warm up with layers and get indoors. When it is hot, you’re screwed, and it just sucks everywhere. I am sorry winter, you’re not as terrible as everyone says.

What’s Going On-

Alright, spring isn’t so bad. I mean it has been nice to be able to walk around outside and not feel physical pain from the cold. In the last couple of weeks, we’ve been getting plenty of sunshine. It is nice to get fresh air, enjoy the parks, and let the kids run it all out of their systems.

Plus, the kids have been back at swimming lessons recently, and they’re both surprising us with their abilities. Alex is kind of a natural and is trying to swim beyond her capabilities. It is actually pretty funny to watch her spaz her way around the water. Zyler, on the other hand, is in a level that pushes his strength and endurance. Poor kid has been wiped out after doing lap after lap after lap. At least they’re sleeping well.

And, last night Jenn and I managed to catch a break from the sprouts and enjoy an evening by the fire with good friends. Now that is what spring is all about. Nothing like a good fire, substantial conversation, and flame-kissed food. One of the best ways to relax, I am a bit hurting today as I am not a big drinker. But, we had a good time, if only I could sleep all day today.

Last Week’s Posts-

And the week before-


Lot’s coming down the pipeline. These comic reviews shall be a lot more steady. As per Jenn’s suggestion, I will be investing a day per week to write up blog posts and keep the Green Onion Blog moving consistently. There will be lots of good stuff all the time now. Additionally, work has been on a terror, so Green Onion articles are popping up all over the webs. Keep an eye out, and the best place for updates is either the Facebook or the Twitter… or the Mise en Place…


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