Comic Review: Oblivion Song #3


The Background-

I may have fallen a bit behind on the reviews of this series having just released the recap of issue two last week.  But, with the third book coming out just earlier this month we are back on track.  And thankfully so, Oblivion Song is only getting bigger and badder with monsters and survivors popping up all over the alien dimension.  I am glad to be riding this train.

Robert Kirkman and Lorenzo De Felici worked on this project for a long time in secrecy.  There is supposed to be a year or so worth of stories already completed, and it is all about making us wait.  There have been some mixed reviews, a lot of people are not sold on the artistic style- to that I say, the same things were brought up in a little black and white title called Walking Dead.  Kirkman just needs an artist that can capture his storytelling, while a Jim Lee would be lovely, it is unnecessary.  Speaking of Walking Dead, this issue, in particular, has gotten some flak for being too similar to the Rick and Morgan relationship of that book.  I can see the resemblance, but Nathan is no Rick Grimes, okay.

The Cover-


On my review of issue #2, I was deeply unsatisfied with the cover. The third book begins to gain some love back.  The pain of this survivor is evident, and a red cover like this always pops. However, it is not helping the case of being too similar to Walking Dead either.  In fact, I think that series has about twenty issues that look just like this.

The Story-

Nathan is trying to gather as much information as he can from the survivor he crossed paths with in the last issue.  Unfortunately, they are abruptly interrupted by yet another giant beast monster.  After some moral discrepancy over killing these creatures, Nathan pulls out his dimension-transporting dart gun, which with no explanation would piss anyone off. Needless to say, Nathan has to jump ship quickly and sends himself home where his friends are reaching the end of their rope with his mission.

To conclude, that survivor that gave Nathan such a hard time does, in fact, know the survivor group that Nathan is searching for. However, it is revealed that he was exiled for being a murderer.  But, since he managed to find one of Nathan’s darts, he has some information for the leader of the underground group.

The Review-

Thank goodness they cut down on the drama in this issue.  You can tell there is still much romance and heartbreak to come out of the book, but as I mentioned last week, the series should be focused on capturing its audience first.  So, while this book did hold back on the love stories, it was still there lurking and waiting to come out.

The surprise of this book for me was that Nathan does not believe in the slaughter of the alien creatures.  He believes that as guests to their dimension he has no place to hurt the animals.  Which seems… well, stupid.  In the name of saving human survivors the less brainless beasts in your way, the better. Plus, I find it difficult to believe that Nathan and his former crew have had as many missions as they supposedly had to Oblivion and survived without hurting any living thing.

Speaking of questionable motives, I should touch on the books main driving force, Nathan’s hunt for his brother.  It is enough to drive the main character, and with the many added themes to this book, it is sure to become the centrepiece to the series. When the time comes, Nathan will probably have a difficult time getting his brother to leave Oblivion.  Should he succeed, what kind of ramifications will that have on his brother’s life?  Which means, despite his honourable motives, he truly is just wasting his time and risking his life for nothing.

I am more intrigued with how this will all play out after reading the third book.  Which is kind of essential.  By three issues in, typically, you should have a general sense to the overall series. While this is not at the top of my pull list, I am interested enough that I will need some questions answered at one point or another.

The Score-



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