Comic Review: The Terrifics #3

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The Background-

I have just recently released my review for the second issue of The Terrifics (also, here is the first one for reference) and at the time I mentioned that there was a three-part run to establish the team. Well, with number three down I can safely say I feel established. Though nothing and everything was established, establishment seems to be the name of the game. Established.

With the four members of The Terrifics coming together in unlikely circumstances, they were quickly bonded together by some cosmic force. Now it is time to put the pieces of this puzzle together, but not without the audience asking “so, what now?” This was a risky undertaking from the beginning, essentially saying if Marvel doesn’t do Fantastic Four, then we will. Then bringing characters that have previously shared minimal to zero interaction together in a major title, it was something of a challenge for a talented team of DC creators.

The Cover-


Well, that is one massive Plastic Man butt! Anyways. Even with the mass amount of artwork that we got to see before the release of this series, seeing the team together like this still captures the imagination. One of the most significant challenges for these artists has to be avoiding ripping off classic FF covers, and they are pulling it off in great ways. Though, I am much happier seeing new Fantastic Four artwork coming from Marvel as of late.

The Story-

Now back on Earth after coming together in the Dark Universe (which I affectionately refer to as the Phantom Zone) The Terrifics are dealing with the news that they are now bound together by dark forces. Unable to travel further than a mile from one another, Mr. Terrific tells them he can solve these problems with time and a lab. Thankfully, they are to stay at Stagg’s lab, which is formerly Terrific’s anyways.

After a bit of settling in, the team is attacked by a massive drone, and work together to defeat the machine. Though, it turns out that the robot belongs to Stagg as well, but no one knows who sent it on attack mode. There are dabblings of many puzzles and mysteries that should keep the team busy for a very long time.

The Review-

With wrapping up this three-issue arch, we are now settled into what is one of the best titles out of DC in a while. The major publishing company has been making waves lately, and if we can expect titles like these with such talent behind them, they may actually convert me from Marvel, ha I couldn’t type that with a straight face. I mean, this title is only successful because of the enemy company establishing these ideas. It doesn’t stop their either.

There are a few Marvel references sprinkled into this book. By far the most memorable is when Plastic Man and Metamorpho team up to create a new signature move, the Hardball Special. It was a special moment, and you can tell that the creators want to pay respect to Marvel and not tick anybody off. When you look at comic history, there are plenty of examples of publishers morphing already established ideas. Really, what took DC so long to make their own Fantastic Four anyway?

This is one of the most fun books on the shelves right now. Not only do you have Plastic Man, who has carried his own hilarious titles throughout the years, but you have these interesting dynamics happening between characters that hardly know one another. With humour and adventure at a high, it is easy to predict a long run from The Terrifics. Though, people keep messing up the name with the Incredibles.

The Score-



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