Comic Review: The Terrifics #4

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The Background-

DC’s attempt at swooping in and gaining the dedicated fan base of Fantastic Four seems to be working.  The Terrifics got off to a slower start than I am sure the publisher had hoped for, but it is gaining some ground.  After a three-part intro to settle us in- reviews can be found here, here, and here– the ragtag team is in, and this new issue kicks off a whole universe of adventure.

So far, the Terrifics have found themselves bonded by a mysterious dark energy that will not allow them to be separated by more than a mile. Forced to work together four very different superheroes are now creating DC’s newest super team.  All in good fun, especially when Plastic Man is involved, this book takes us back to when comics were all about adventure and didn’t need huge epic team-ups.

The Cover-


What did I say, old-school adventure, all about fun, I mean this cover literally says the words “killer squid from outer space.” You don’t get more classic comics than that.  I am also a huge fan of this art style.  Thus far, The Terrifics has yet to land a consistent artist, and I would be lying if I said I knew why.  For me, this cover is done in the best style yet, and I would be happy if it became a regular thing.

The Story-

Some time has passed since the inaugural storyline that brought the team together, and they are officially in uniform.  Mr. Terrific seems to have lightened up significantly and is now a solid leader who looks out for his friends.  Phantom Girl has benefited the most from Terrific’s relaxation, getting a new ‘ghost diary’ and being taken on a trip to visit her parents on her home planet of Bgltz.

Along the way, in Terrific’s T-Sphere spaceship, the team gets dragged into a junk savaging planet.  Full of giant “killer squids from outer space” and a group of locals, The Terrifics finally need to work together in their first intergalactic adventure.  They handle it flawlessly and arrive on Bgltz without further issue.  Unfortunately, for Phantom Girl, more time has passed than expected and things are not the way she hoped they would be.

The Review-

First off, I am super happy that Mr. Terrific chilled out.  I wish we could have had an issue that showed his transition more, but I definitely did not enjoy the character as the dick he was acting like.  To see the team coming together and working congruently is what I needed.  There are some great dynamics happening like Plastic Man and Metamorpho’s bickering, and a potential connection between Mr. T and Phantom Girl.  I personally love the brother-sister vibes from Plastic and Phantom, I hope they become best of friends.  Also, we finally have everyone in uniform!

This issue was tying a lot of things together, mostly the team that was not ready to work together a month ago.  For that, the story itself is lacking, with a single mishap along their way taking centre stage.  It is all good, I am happy that the team has been established as they are now, and that more than a few future plots have been teased already.  It gives us the sense that this comic is now officially underway and now anything can happen.

I mentioned that I loved the art from the cover, and I have to say the book delivered as well.  I think out of the four books thus far, this issues artwork really worked for the story.  When you have a Jeff Lemire, writing finding an artist that works with him well is the key. Doc Shaner has delivered, and I hope they keep him on this title.  The two creators could deliver this team to greatness.

Overall, this issue was really about transitioning from the intro run into an established title.  Anyone who reads comics knows that issues like these are essential sometimes even if they are not the greatest of stories.  So, my score may be smaller today, but it is in an effort for better ratings tomorrow.

The Score-



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