Movie Review: Solo: A Star Wars Story

Of course I saw Solo, it’s Star Wars! Only the most significant media franchise of all time. Honestly, I am blown away by the lack of support for this film. Like seriously, those old films are masterpieces, but people are gonna be so upset by one film that went against their expectations that they would sacrifice the opportunity to have more of the things they love. I really don’t understand this fandom. It’s just entertainment, have fun, and allow these masterful creators have their interpretations on something they love equally as much. Give me all the Star Wars! There might be somethings I don’t like, but plenty to enjoy, and that comes with nearly anything.

Also, I caught this flick in Imax 3D, I haven’t done that since Return of the King. Usually, the price just isn’t worth it to me, and I get most my movie tickets from a points program. But, wholly shquid, it truly does add to the experience. Even watching the trailer for Ant Man and Wasp was game-changing. Giant Man looks so good, and movie magic has come full circle from the days of 50 feet tall women. Being in the Star Wars universe in this theatre was a bit of movie magic for me. Especially considering the many landscapes that the film explores.

So, Solo: A Star Wars Story, let me say, this movie is wild. It was a crazy ride with so many things to enjoy. The best part about it all, is the themes. For the first time in cinema, we get to explore the scum and villainy of the Star Wars Universe. Smugglers, bounty hunters, and gangsters have traditionally played a significant role in defining the universe. Solo takes us deep into the underbelly of a galaxy run by the Empire. Conceptually, they knew fans have loved this side of Star Wars in books and comics and now we have a movie that feeds those desires. Which opens up so many options for creators moving forward.

The fan service is plentiful without being overbearing. There are many little references and call-outs that align with the films theme. Every character involved that we have invested interest in was done with consideration. All of them are introduced to us in a way that says “yup, that is totally that guy. He would say that.” Then they are given directions and complexities that add to the character. I think, strangely enough, most of us were excited to see Lando, despite Solo being the titular character. They were both great, but Chewbacca is the star of the show. I never thought I could love that Wookie anymore, yet here I am dreaming of a Chewbacca movie where I cant understand a word spoken.

There are also some great new faces to love as well. The modern era of droids is probably the most notable. L3-37 has taken everything we know about the lovable robots and given it voice, purpose, and some things to make us think. There is also a huge surprise character that nobody could have expected. What that means for Star Wars movies going forward is pretty huge. This fan favourite is going to shake things up.

By and large my favourite thing about Solo, the best part about the whole movie, the brilliance that makes this film a top flick in my books, is the story structure. Broken up into five acts that all hold their own as individual stories, there is still an overarching plot. Basically, they designed this movie in such a way that it feels like you watch five films in one. Each act broken up into their own three acts, this concept is a game changer. Franchise like Star Wars, Marvel, or anything else, could learn a thing or two from Solo. Should a comic book film follow this structure we would have more stories compiled into one adventure at the movies. The brilliance is, those fans that love to complain can have a bunch of stories to choose what they like and don’t like. We can have more plots, more ideas, more creation. It may not be perfect, it may make creating a perfect film difficult, but it is maximum entertainment. I love it and I want more of it, especially with the way cinema has become. A Batman film with five Batman stories building into an epic film would be amazing.

Solo: A Star Wars Story went high above my expectations. I am so happy that they did not shy away from incorporating whatever would fit. Because, it all fits. There are some flaws that the fandom will have a hay day with, but that’s there problem. Solo was a thrill ride packed full of great characters, adventures, and themes. It may even change the way that movies are written in the future, for the better. See Solo, let go of all your expectations and enjoy the hyper drive ride.




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  1. This is an excellent review that has an interesting perspective on the film. I particularly admired your point about the five act structure and how it can be used to solve a central problem with many comic book films.

    I think that Solo: A Star Wars Story is a fascinating inversion of the burgeoning adolescence theme of the saga. Unfortunately, in execution, the theme has no emotional resonance due to a deficient central performance. But, the film picks up the slack with its world building and cinematic craftsmanship.

    You can find out more by reading my review below.

    If you find the piece to your liking, then please comment and follow.


  2. Peter W says:

    I went in with no expectations, avoided all spoilers and trailers, and refrained from commenting on all the hate people had for it before it ever came out. Was it awesome? No. But it was good and I thoroughly enjoyed it, especially all the Easter Eggs and references. Won’t be going back to the theater, but I’ll buy it when it comes out and watch it some more. I’d give it a 7.5 (maybe 8) out of 10. I’d be up for another one to see how he the beginning between Han and Jabba.


    1. says:

      What ?


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