Comic Review: Oblivion Song #4

The Background-

Robert Kirkman’s latest comic series continues to hit shelves with this fresh issue. I am surprised that the book does not seem to be as popular as you would expect. I mean, Kirkman is kind of one of the biggest names in the media currently with Walking Dead continuously dominating the stands, and that little show being such a sensation and bringing in new readers. However, a story such as this will take some development, there are many plots to hash out. The first couple of issues also did not carry the same oomph that a baby Walking Dead or Invincible had that truly captivated audiences off of the bat.

In the last issue Oblivion Song started to pick up some steam. We now have insight into how the Transference occurred and good old Nathan was able to find yet another person still trapped in Oblivion. Although, it did not go as he planned and we discovered that the man he found belongs to the lost group of survivors- oh yeah, and that guy is a murderer, no big deal. Nathan is adamant to continue his search, though he is beginning to question if the survivors are now gone, not in body but in the mind.

The Cover-

Besides the premiere issue cover that we were bombarded with for months before the release of Oblivion Song, this is my favourite cover thus far. Maybe I am a sucker for the assortment of green shades, but honestly, it has to do more with getting the visuals from Oblivion. It is a pretty rad planet that we have not explored outside of the city. So this cover is a nice big look at the alien world that these survivors have been forced to live in. Plus, the green doesn’t hurt, with the red text it’s got some nice eye appeal.

The Story-

We hop right back into Oblivion where the man Nathan found has returned to the community of survivors. They want none of this murderers bologna, but we do find out that there may be more to this murder than we thought. It also turns out that this group is aggressively searching for Nathan, whom they refer to as the ‘hooded man.’ So, they return to the spot where he was last seen, but not without facing some of the dangers that lurk in Oblivion.

Meanwhile, Duncan is having night terrors and continues to struggle with his time spent on the other side. Bridget is surprisingly cool about the whole thing, and genuinely wants to help him- cool lady. She is less cool about Nathan planning another excursion to Oblivion, but knowing there is no stopping him she helps him anyways. Nathan drops in on the other side close to where he last left. Quickly he is captured by the group of survivors and restrained preventing him from jumping back to Earth. Though, he agrees to stay as soon as he discovers who the leader of the survivors is…

The Review-

This renegade group of survivors lost in an alien world, are pretty rad. I mean, they are a renegade group of survivors lost in an alien world. But, much like Nathan’s sweet Oblivion outfit with the cape and all of that, these survivors are equally prepared for battle. I like that there is some relationship dynamics to explore with these characters, and also the idea that they built themselves a community that has its own systems- enough so that they could exile the murderer, or what they believe to be is a murderer.

The highlight of the book for me though, was the journey of this group to go find the ‘hooded man.’ Along the way they are attacked by a new breed of alien that we have not seen yet. The sloth-like creatures are the coolest looking beasts yet. Add that to their methods of hunting for food and they are easily my new favourite monsters of Oblivion. Recognizable, but completely dangerous.

There is a strange phenomenon when reading this book. It feels slow when you’re reading it and you want to skip pieces to get to the good parts, but it all moves really fast. Before you know it the comic is over and there are new elements to the overall story. I like that, Kirkman has a way of making slow parts of the story end abruptly with some new danger. He’s such a talented story teller, you just know this series is going to take us places we can’t even imagine. Overall, it was a solid issue that added to the story, didn’t reveal too much, and had some awesome new characters and elements. And, with that ending, I will be anticipating the next issue much more than I have the last couple.

The Score-



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  1. kyem says:

    nice review! gotta catch up on this comic, fell off after the first issue, but seems worth it to stick around.


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