Father’s Day Mise en Place (June 11 to 17, ‘018)

A happy Father’s Day to all the super dads out there. I hope we can all enjoy our second-rate version of Mother’s Day. I was woken up bright and early with my daughter creepily standing over me waiting for me to open my eyes so that she could wish me a good day. But, the arts and crafts projects that come from these talented little grade school hands make this day pretty special.

What’s Going On-

Yesterday, the kids and I made our first venture to the mountains of the summer. Rejuvenating, centring, and inspiring, it’s always great to get out in the forest and explore. The weather was pretty shady all morning, but we managed to hit a few nice hours of sunshine. Really, having those big rocky beasts so close is the best part about living in Calgary and I can’t wait to head back out there.

A big happy Father’s Day to my own father who is easily the greatest of them all. Thanks for everything you do, Dad. For how much you go out of your way for anyone in our lives. Quite the inspiration. Also, a shout out to Steve Harrington of Stranger Things for being the best TV dad ever.

Oh, and last week I mentioned one of my best friends getting his own blog together. He has officially gone live today! Be sure to check out ZorEntertainment here!

Anyways, I am trying to make this quick to maximize the time with the kids right now.

Last Week’s Posts-

  • Check out my comic review on the latest issue of Oblivion Song. I mean only if you like Robert Kirkman and a little series called Walking Dead.
  • I dropped a movie review on a fantastic little film called I Kill Giants, which may be the sweetest film I have seen in a while.


I have been plotting out a bit of a new schedule for the blog so there will be more content. Keep an eye out for some great new series on the way. This week is also a huge week for comics and I have all sorts of reviews to do on Wednesday. Other than that, work has been pretty busy this month so, I am around even if I haven’t been around.

Thanks, everyone, happy Father’s Day


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