Comic Review: Avengers #3

The Background-

While Avengers: Infinity War swings high above the unbelievable box office numbers of over $2 billion, there is no better time to be an Avengers fan. What a great time to be bringing the comics back to form with this relaunch of many titles including this Avengers series. Iron Man is returned from his coma, Cap is no longer a Nazi? And, Thor is back to form. The Avengers are back and this series is going to be taking us to new heights.

The Cover-

Nothing like a classic Ed McGuinness cover. A brilliant blend of colour, magic, and awesome characters. There is a real feel of old-school comic feel here, like this is a book that is meant to stand out on the magazine rack and attract new readers. And, Loki, oh it’s good to see him, those little Marvel movies have made this villain a household name and brought his appeal right up. It makes sense that he was brought in for this first story arc, not only for his popularity right now, but nobody brings the Avengers together like Loki.

The Story-

The god of mischief quickly takes control of the situation after his big reveal in the last issue. Captain America, of course, bravely steps in with the bold move of sending Loki, The Final Host, and himself to the centre of the sun- yeah, the friggin’ sun. Thankfully, Loki is a mighty sorcerer and is able to save them all and return them to Earth where the villain reveals an even larger threat.

Meanwhile, the new Ghost Rider and She-Hulk have dealt with their own threats and the beastly Jennifer Walters leads them to the centre of the Earth to save Black Panther and Dr. Strange. The four of them make it back to New York in time to meet up with the rest of the heroes, and they make a fresh plan to face the multiple threats. Unfortunately, Thor scoops up the She-Hulk and heads to face down Odin. The rest of the Avengers go our in search of the information they need. While Ghost Rider is left behind to figure things out for himself.

The Review-

Ooh we came close to having this fresh Avengers line-up all in the same place at the same time. Even without Rogers present this team looks good. A lot of heavy hitting, and if there was a group to defend the Earth from any threat, this would be it. I am pretty happy with the crew, and the potential is sky high with where future stories can go.

It’s great to have Iron Man back, which is extra special this week because it is also the launch of his own new title. But, seeing him dictating and leading the Avengers once again, it feels like it has been too long. Stark, Rogers and Thor have not been in a group like this since pre-Civil War. It is worth getting excited about.

That’s about all I have to say about this issue. It didn’t carry much of a story for itself and was more of a tie-in to bigger things to come. There is some solid character development or reinstatement. The new Ghost Rider is a great addition and this was our first look at how he interacts with the big leaguers. It wasn’t a great book, but a fun one, and there’s lots of brilliance on the way.

The Score-



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