Comic Review: Gideon Falls #4

The Background-

Gideon Falls is one of the best new books on the comic shelves. More and more readers are starting to pay attention to this strange little series and it is quickly gaining mass popularity. I guarantee this is a comic like none you have ever read before. If you are not on the Gideon Falls train, it’s time to hop on and make sure the next issue is on your pull list.

Things have been progressing fast in a story that is packed with complexity. We have established our main characters and the mysteriously evil black barn. Now it is time for some answers, now we can really get into the story and see what the heck is going on. Our intros are over and we are getting into the body of things.

The Cover-

Last issue, I had mentioned how excited I was for this new character, Doc Sutton. The cover donning his face over the map of Gideon Falls was already going to be my favourite. But, then I saw the variant cover for issue #4. Painted beautifully by the skilled hands of Dustin Nguyen, who is the masterful artist of another major Jeff Lemire title, Descender, the watercolour cover of the man from the barn is chilling and possibly one of my favourite comic covers of the year thus far.

The Story-

After Father Fred arrived at Doc Sutton’s home at the conclusion of the last issue, it is time to get some answers. Doc explains his theories on the black barn and how it is tied in with every horrible thing to happen in Gideon Falls. Additionally, he reveals that there is a secret group that works to uncover the mysteries, The Ploughman. Unfortunately, the man of God has a difficult time believing the fantastic stories and quickly heads to the sheriff’s house to essentially rat him out. But, while they discuss things the sheriff gets a call to another murder in town. Father Fred joins her to find a pretty gruesome scene that must be fueled by evil.

At the same time, Dr. Xu is trying to write her case report on Norton, but she is interrupted by another vision of the black barn, and worse. She heads out to find the garbage picker in search of answers to what is happening to her. Her vision has told her that something bad is about to happen.

The Review-

Information drop. It was clear that Doc Sutton was the man that the readers needed to get some clues. The mystery of the black barn is bigger, and reaches back further than we ever expected. But, at the same time, not everyone who believes in it has seen it. The addition of the Ploughman into this tale is sure to mix things up, but how many of them are there? Is there even any left?

Not only did we get some background on the barn, we also got a peek into Norton’s history. Honestly, it just makes the character more of an enigma. With some information on where he came from and what’s wrong with him, I only have more questions. Curse you, Lemire, why do you do this to me?

This series is getting so good it drives me nuts. Waiting for this book to trickle its way out month to month is a grind. This was by far the best book since the first one dropped months ago. Lots of development to the plot, and of course, about a thousand more questions racking my brain after this read.

The Score-



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