Sunday Mise en Place (June 18 to 24, ‘018)

Welcome to the Sunday Mise en Place, a weekly series where I basically share everything going on with me. A sort of online journal, this is also a great post to come find all of the articles I have dropped in the last week. Additionally, as a bonus for my friends and followers, I like to give little sneak peeks at what is to come. Now, I’d like to say I am updating my privacy policy, you should all know I do not, and will never sell information that you share on this website to anybody. However, I am compiling a list of every comment any of you make, ever, and I am totally going to write them down and burn them as an offering to the great Zuul.

What’s Going On-

Well, it has been a hell of a month. With the separation from my partner, I have been through all of the stages of grief, on a daily basis. Though, I do always reach one point. I’ve been a good person. A really good person that goes above and beyond for those I care about. I did the best I could and did nothing wrong. I am following my passion and doing something that makes me happy. There is a learning curve, just like anything, and getting a career and business off the ground takes time. I should feel good about what I have done, and I can’t live in regret or what ifs. I’ve stayed true to myself and my values and there’s some things you have no control over. It hurts, but I still believe in what love should be.

How about that World Cup? That Germany win over Sweden was something else yesterday. I have been a big fan of Spain since long before the 2010 victory, and I am stoked that Portugal couldn’t do any damage to them. And, England this morning! Good for them, but to me, they are kind of the Toronto Maple Leafs of World Cup football. Needless to say, I’m not a big fan.

With summer here, Zyler only has two days left of school. He has already brought home 80 pounds worth of school work and projects that I will eventually sort through. Report cards are always an interesting day, but Z’s a smart kid, I don’t need to worry about anything. My main goal is trying to find a routine that will work for us over the summer. I still have work to do, actually, I’ve been getting a tonne of work. But, I gotta keep this kid moving and out of the house. I’ll figure it out, it will probably involve regular walks and hopefully, this is the summer he learns the magic of the library. I’ll also have to get most my work done in the evenings – anyways I’m just thinking out loud now.

Last Week’s Posts-

  • Things at Bubbleblabber have been going great. The boss has been getting some awesome deals and the writing team is expanding. I have a few projects coming up, but things have been quiet for me the last couple of weeks. Check out my reviews of Corner Gas Animated, the latest Simpsons comic, and this super good Rick and Morty comic.
  • For my Vancouver friends, I have been working with this awesome looking restaurant that is opening this summer. If you’re in the west end you should absolutely check out Mumbai Local.
  • If you love the Marvel Cinematic Universe than you are going to love what the comics are doing this year. Lots of changes in the books and it all centres in Avengers. Check out my review for issue three.
  • And of course, one of my new favourite series is getting too good to handle. Check out the review for Gideon Falls #4.


I have been preparing for a couple new series on the blog, but my schedule filled up pretty quick last week. With this week marking the end of the month, you can look forward to the July movie breakdown and pop culture history. Therefore, I will probably postpone the new stuff for the week following. I do still have a couple of comic reviews I need to drop, I’ve been reading a tonne more so there is that. Plus, I have been swimming in new work projects and have some other things on the go. I’ve been keeping pretty busy, lots to look forward to.


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