Comic Review: Terrifics #5

The Background-

I have been eating the Terrifics series up. DC’s very own resident version of the Fantastic Four offers all the fun and adventure of its inspiring series, plus Plastic Man – who is one of the most humorous characters in all of comic books. There is a lot of good things on the way, and Jeff Lemire is the perfect writer to bring life to this book. The only question is will the series keep its momentum up when Marvel brings there first family home.

I will give a bit of pre-warning that something seems completely out of order. Last issue involved the team travelling the galaxy in search of Phantom Girl’s home planet. Yet, this book puts the team back on Earth facing new threats and local drama. I trust Lemire with his skills and plotting, but for now, I am quite confused. Today, this book I will assume follows the events of issue three.

The Cover-

A cover full of action! There is a lot to take in here with the team seemingly facing off against a bunch of unknown creatures. Metamorpho is out cold in the back which is a good sign that this story is not going to go his way. This cover is a bit busy and messy for me, it lacks attention-grabbing and requires attention-serving.

The Story-

The team is settling into their new home with Mr. Terrific finally gaining some time for Phantom Girl’s problems and her being a typical teenager. Metamorpho continues to struggle with his partner and them being controlled by her father. Meanwhile, Plastic Man finally reaches out to his old partner to discuss the child he left behind before he was turned into a comatose egg – probably should have made that call sooner, but whatever.

The team gets a call to action involving an attack on the local town. Much to their surprise, the monster behind the attack is none other than Metamorpho. While trying to deal with the attack, Metamorpho is captured by his doppelganger and sent to the Kingdom of Elements. The rest of the team follows suit, but are trapped in alternate versions dominated by a unique element.

Oh yeah, Phantom Girl found a Metamorpho dog, which I am sure she intends to keep.

The Review-

Gotta love a story where there is a bit of everything. Love, action, humour, and giant monsters. For a slow start, this issue progressed quickly and the team is, of course, left in danger. For a group that is all-new to each other they are learning to work together well, even if they haven’t developed their family feel.

I do have to say, as a father, I am shocked it took Plastic Man so long to be concerned about his family. I mean, if I was trapped in an egg-form for five years, I like to think my first thought would be my son. I understand there were some pressing issues, like phantom zones, death by separation from his new friends, and other such threats, but you would think he would mention his family before issue five? Sure it doesn’t fit well in the story, but I think a Peter Parker character would at least want to make that call as soon as possible.

I liked the book overall, this is a team I am really starting to love. The surprise for me is Phantom Girl, she has become a fun and dynamic character. I would love some more focus on Plastic Man and Mr. Terrific, but we’ll get there. And adding a super-powered dog to the mix should add a lot of entertainment going forward, but he could have had a better origin story than “hey, there is a dog.”

The Score-



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