Top Ten Marvel Bruisers

If you have a superhero team, having that one member who has an impossible amount of muscle is vital if for nothing else other than an intimidation factor. Marvel does the tough guy like no one else, in the words of Tony Stark and Loki, they do have a Hulk. And that fact alone makes Marvel and the Avengers a formidable group. So, I figured it was time to rank these bruisers in a fresh top ten.

I should mention, this is the top tough guys, not to be confused with the strongest Marvel has to offer. I will not be ranking by who can beat up whom – we all know Hulk is the strongest there is. There is a lot of factors involved in being a great character whose main factor is being really, really, strong. Oh, and also, for a character to make the list, super strength also needs to be their only true power, like Thor is automatically disqualified because though he’s tough, he is a lot more intimidating for the whole god of thunder deal. Anyways, let’s do-

10. Strong Guy

You must appreciate the simplicity of the name, Strong Guy. Especially in teams like the X-Factor where codenames are typically one of the coolest part of the job. I mean, every time they go through role call, saying “Strong Guy” must slow them down and make them chuckle a bit. But, that is kind of the type of person Strong Guy is, thus it works. He is happy to be acknowledged for what he’s good at, while bringing a bit of humour and life into his teammates. That is why the guy with one of the lamest names in all of comic books deserves a spot on this list.

9. Hercules

This may not be fair bringing in a demi-god, but Hercules plays the tough guy role perfectly. When Hercules shows up, you know he is ready to kick-ass, and he will be the first one to say so. The guy carries all of the toughest qualities of Thor, ready to throw down when honour calls for it. Hercules plays the intimidation factor perfectly, like Wolverine well. The only reason he is not higher on the list is because I can’t help but think of the old Kevin Sorbo television show every time I think of him. The fact that Hercules has lived as long as he has and been through as many adventures kind of means that old cheesy program is cannon.

8. Drax

Drax is a character that probably would not have made the cut for this list ten years ago. Once again the Marvel Cinematic Universe changes the game. There are many characters that the MCU helped to propel their popularity, and the Guardians of the Galaxy are centre stage. The best part about the adaptation of Drax is the addition of some personality traits. Drax suffered for being a character driven by revenge and strength for far too long. Adding some social flaws and the oblivious humour helped to make Drax one of the most humorous players in Avengers: Infinity War. With everyone else present in that film, it makes it all that more impressive.

7. She-Hulk

I wanted to avoid adding any Hulk rip-offs in this list. I love Red Hulk and Skaar, and you know the other twenty of them all, but none can hold up to the original and we should leave that there. However, She-Hulk is a different story. Jennifer Walters is a staple in the Marvel Universe even if she has never been considered an A-lister. As a lawyer, and the toughest girl on the planet she has had her hands in many of Marvel’s most significant events. She has also been a member of the Avengers, Fantastic Four, and the Defenders, and a friend to everyone else you can think of. We have never seen her as intimidating as we are right now in the latest launch of Avengers, which I am enjoying and could eventually place her higher in this list over time.

6. Luke Cage

Okay, Luke Cage has unbreakable skin which gave him a bit of an advantage going into this list, but his intimidation as a tough guy is there in spades. Luke Cage a.k.a. Power Man has probably gone up and down on this list in my life more than any other character. There is times where he is a Mr. T on acid giving you all of the best parts of the 80’s hero. Then, other times, he has a yellow shirt and wears a tiara, so there is that. But, since he has been the leader of the Avengers, and gained his own Netflix show, respect for Luke Cage has gone through the roof. But, what has made Cage so meaningful for me is the guys heart. He is a family man first and foremost and has done what ever it took to protect his child and wife, and he has one of the best bromances out there with Iron Fist.

5. Jessica Jones

Oh, Jessica Jones. Jessica may not fit into the same box the rest of these characters do, as she is not built like a wrecking ball, nor does she have an unrealistic amount of muscles bulging out of her leather jacket, regardless she still carries the same amount of intimidation as any character previously mentioned. But, what makes her stand a part is she would never allow her powers to define her, sure she acts like a bruiser, but in a much more vulnerable way. Between Brian Michael Bendis’s unforgettable book, and the Netflix series, I have never found a Jessica Jones story that I did not enjoy. In fact, I would put her much higher on this list, but I don’t want to disappoint anyone on a few upcoming fan favourites.

4. Juggernaut

The only villain bruiser to make the list, of which Marvel had plenty to pluck from. Juggernaut is a step above all the rest, in fact, you could call him unstoppable. He has always been one of the most intimidating characters in Marvel, when he shows up, it is almost a guarantee that things are going to get messed up. Add that to his lovable sense of humour, and his own personal motives and goals, Juggernaut is a complex villain that is always a joy to read. Therefore, he is the top bruiser bad guy in the Marvel Universe. Too bad they can’t get him right in the movies.

3. Colossus

If you do not have a soft spot for Colossus there is probably something wrong with you. The Russian powerhouse embodies so many things for the X-Men, power, loyalty, and heart. He may not have the background and the stories that many of the other characters of the Marvel Universe carry, but he does not need that. He has found a family in the X-Men and that is the most important thing to him. You can bank on the fact that should his friends and teammates ever need anything that Colossus will step up to the plate. If that doesn’t make this tough guy one of the greatest there is I don’t know what will.

2. Hulk

It’s the goddamn Hulk, do I even need to talk about why he is up here? Not really, you were all expecting it. I am sure it is throwing more people off that he is not number one, but there is plenty of time for that. Hulk deserves his place as an icon in pop culture, the metaphors that are hidden behind that green skin are ones that we all carry inside of us. The Hulk easily takes the cake as the most intimidating character there is, no one would ever want to mess with a Hulk. The Hulk is the strongest there is, what else is there to say about that.

1. Thing

There are a billion reasons why the Thing is not only one of the greatest bruisers in the Marvel Universe, but also one of the greatest all-around characters. The everyman turned monster who has dealt with more heartbreak than any man ever should, is as a standout character as Peter Parker. There are so many reasons why Thing was the face of the publishing company beside the web-slinger for so many years. In fact, I can’t even touch on it all in a simple top ten. So, what I have done is created a post dedicated to the ever-lovin’ Thing and why he deserves to be the top of this list. Look out for that later this week, as well as some other possible Thing focused content. Sorry Hulk, you may be able to kick Thing’s rocky hide, but you will never have his heart.


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  1. mydangblog says:

    Such a great list! I laughed when you came to Hercules because all I can remember is that weird, psychedelic cartoon where his sidekick was that satyr named Newt!


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