Top Ten Superhero Families

Well, the time has finally come for me to go see Incredibles 2. I don’t know what has taken me so long as the first one is probably my favourite Pixar movie. As I get myself pumped up to see this super-powered family it got me thinking about some other great super families. So, for a special round of Top Ten, we’re gonna have a look at some of the greatest families to grace our comic book pages.

10. Thanos Family

At the centre of the Marvel Cinematic Universe the lead up to Thanos’s arrival gave us some serious background into the villain and those he loves. Gamora has established herself as one of the most badass women ever to hit a comic book film, while her relationship with her adopted father and stepsister, Nebula, has driven her arch. Avengers: Infinity War put this dysfunctional family centre stage, and we discovered that despite the many issues (like genocide) there happens to be a lot of love. They just show it in very strange ways.

9. Jones-Cage

As the Avengers came upon some issues and disagreements in the late 2000’s early ‘10’s, it gave us a chance to visit some of Marvel’s other great heroes. One of the best things to come out of it all was the relationship between Jessica Jones and Luke Cage. Over the last ten years we have watched there family grow and their family blossom despite their many adversities. We have even seen these two hook up on screen thanks to the Netflix series’. It seems an eventuality that the Jones-Cage family will one day have their own superfamily title.

8. Grayson’s

I feel like I have recommended Robert Kirkman’s brilliant series Invincible not too long ago, but it is definitely worth a read. One of the plots that makes Invincible so great is his estranged relationship with his father. There are many dynamics to the Grayson family, and it all comes out over years worth of books.

7. Summers Family

There is probably no family with a stranger background than that of Scott Summers and Jean Grey. They have a time travelling son who is twice their senior. A badass daughter with all the powers. A bunch of overpowered grandchildren and clones of their children and… Well, it is all pretty convoluted and confusing. And most of them are dead, or were dead, it’s hard to keep up. The point is the Summers family tree has many branches and has been one of the most interesting X-Men storylines over the years.

6. Maximoff’s

Magneto is one of the most formidable villains in Marvel comics and he is beloved by fans for having a bit of a soft side. He happens to be the father of one of the most powerful mutants there is, plus those other two. The Quicksilver-Scarlet Witch relationship is one of legend that has torn the universe apart. And, the witches own children are proving to be their own powerhouses as they have established themselves. The Maximoff family is full of question marks, but getting into it could put the world at risk, so we’ll move on.

5. Marvel Family

The first superfamily that predates even the Fantastic Four, the Marvel Family worked together and on their own to defend the world and realms from all sorts of nefarious plots. This golden age team would struggle to be entertaining in today’s market, but back then a family of supermen was all the rage. Today’s incarnation involves Billy Batson combining his Shazam powers with his foster sisters and brothers, and that is pretty dang cute.

4. Family of Odin

If you want to talk convoluted, I can’t even begin to claim I understand the family of Odin. Everyone is related to everyone else in one way or another. But, what has made this family so important is the relationship between Thor and his adopted brother Loki, oh and that pesky older sister. Thor’s family situation has always been complicated which has made for some brilliant books and movies. And, we can look forward to many more as the Odin family tree becomes even more messed up.

3. Bat Family

Oh, the Bat family. How did a disgruntled, angry man like Bruce find so many people to love and stay so pissed off? Between the Robin’s and his fresh new wife, Batman is one lucky dude. And the dynamics of this family mixed with their many adversaries has made for some of the best books in the media. Oh, and congrats Batman and Catwoman, I wish you all the best.

2. Incredibles

Because that one movie is easily the greatest superhero family movie ever made. Imagine if Disney owned Pixar and Marvel at the same time Incredibles happened. A Fantastic film made for kids but part of the continuity. Could you imagine? Oh well, they did an amazing job bringing a group of fresh heroes into the world. And they are all so lovable in their own ways.

1. Fantastic Four

Marvel’s first family and one of the best comics ever made. Stan Lee and Jack Kirby’s creation that initiated a whole universe that entertains millions today, is hands down the greatest super family. Besides the wonderful relationships of the original crew, the FF have bonded with so many heroes and have even adopted a whole school of super genius children. I don’t know how we have gone without this team so long, but we should cherish their return. And the only thing we need now is to see a blue four arrive in the MCU.


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  1. rashthedoctor says:

    No mention of Superman and Jon Kent ?

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    1. Green Onion says:

      I’m enjoying the current dynamics but just didnt make the cut

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      1. rashthedoctor says:

        I understand , it’s not been very long run for the duo either . I actually realized it as soon as I commented , but then forgot to delete

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  2. says:

    Great idea for a list!

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