Comic Review: Oblivion Song #5

The Background-

For being into issue five, Oblivion Song is moving quickly along. Especially considering how much background was necessary for us to even understand what is going on. Following our hero Nathan, we have discovered a lot about Robert Kirkman’s world. And, last we left things were getting exciting as Nathan had found the survivors on the other side of Oblivion.

The Cover-

Nathan looks awesome in this red and green cover holding that compound bow. This may not occur in the issue, but I hope it is a prelude of amazing things to come. The colours pop for me and I like this cover quite a bit.

The Story-

Nathan has been taken into the survivor’s sanctuary inside of Oblivion. Surprisingly there is a whole town established utilizing the environment and scrap pieces found within the destroyed city. How they got here, or why they didn’t stay in the city is yet to be established. One thing is for sure, no one is happy that Nathan keeps sending people back to the real world, even his brother.

We finally get to meet Ed, Nathan’s bro, and he is kind of a badass leading this group of lost souls. There is a lot of bad blood and unresolved issues between the brothers. But, the fact Nathan has spent all of this time searching for him, shows how much love is there. And, the most surprising thing is how well established Ed has made himself here, to the point that he may never go back to Earth.

Meanwhile, Nathan’s friends back on Earth are abruptly visited by the authorities. News has come down that Nathan may be up to more then everyone has realized. And after a thorough search, they all discover what Nathan has been secretly working on. And it is a game changer.

The Review-

Issue five and already the story is in a massive shift. I would have never expected that we would see these two brothers hug by this point. I had complained that things were progressing rather slowly and then bam! This completely changes expectations of where this story will progress from here and proves that this will be an unpredictable book for a while.

This issue also skimmed over a lot of that personal boring stuff of characters I don’t care about and gave us a real story and some action. Suddenly, I don’t give a care what happens to those people on Earth, I want to see what is happening inside Oblivion. That’s where the story is and that is where the action is happening.

Great book, this one pulled me back in after questioning if it was a series I wanted to continue. What is going to happen now, is any bodies guess and that is what a series like this needs. I am much more excited to continue on now than I was last month.

The Score-



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