Comic Review: Amazing Spider-Man #1 (2018)

The Background-

It’s yet another brand new day for the friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man as the Amazing Spider-Man title is the latest of the Marvel re-launches. After an epic finale by long-time – in fact, a record-breaking run from Spidey scribe Dan Slott, Nick Spencer is at the helm of one of the most important Marvel titles there is. I am one of the major Slott fans and I believe he could have managed brilliance on the title for another decade, but I am enjoying the staff changes and so far they are all making a lot of sense.

The Cover-

Hello, Ryan Ottley! Ottley is the talented artist behind the brilliant Invincible title, which for the third time in as many weeks I will recommend that you read. The artist’s skills are completely suited to the web crawler and it is yet another clever move by Marvel. This cover speaks it all, and looking at it has to get you excited for the future of Peter Parker.

The Story-

As Spider-Man joins an impressive crew of Marvel cameos in an attempt to thwart off yet another invasion of New York City, he monologues us his past few days. Positioning the wall-crawler where the writer needs him, a lot of Slott’s work is undone. Heading all the way back to Parker earning his doctorate, once again his life runs into a series of bad luck. Well, maybe it’s not all bad, as Mary Jane is seemingly back into the picture.

Uncovering that the mastermind of the invasion is none other than Mysterio, Spider-Man seems ready to continue his life no matter how much falls apart around him. It’s back to basics for Parker and we are in for a whole new ride.

The Review-

As sad as I am to see some of Slott’s work undone I am excited to see that Spencer is taking control off the bat. For him to take this important title into the future he is going to need to put the characters where he needs them. And, though the moves seem abrupt they make sense for bad luck Parker. We like to see him succeed, but we love to see him struggle even more.

The biggest thing I can feel through this first issue is the fun. Slott knew how to develop the drama, but there was a lack of the high-swinging lightheartedness that makes Spidey books so popular. If we can get something close to the original Bendis run on Ultimate Spider-Man than this is going to be a success. As long as Spencer can avoid making him a Hydra spy or anything. Just keep to some good adventures for a while.

I am excited about this title now. I have been mourning the leaving of Slott, especially after how he wrapped things up. But, we are here now and I am going to enjoy it. If you have been out of the comic game for a while Marvel is giving you a great chance to come back as things all over the universe get back to basics. Amazing Spider-Man has always been one of the best titles the publisher puts out, so I cannot recommend enough, jumping on board now.

The Score-



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