Movie Review: Incredibles 2

Contemplating the original Incredibles I can confidently say that it is my favourite of the Pixar line-up. Toy Story was a mind-blowing event and one of the first movies I had seen without parental supervision. But, Incredibles spoke to the comic nerd I have always been. The fact it came out during my adulthood, pre-children, and I still love it speaks volumes. So, it is no surprise that I was excited for the sequel that took 14 years to come about. With my little girl turning six this week, I scooped the kids up for our first viewing of Incredibles 2.

I’d like to start with a few comments on Bao, the Pixar short that appears before the film. I love that they do these bonus shorts and they are often brilliant. Bao is about a woman who cares for a dumpling that has come to life and is absolutely adorable. The story takes a weird turn at the end, but overall this one was for the parents more than the children. It was sweet, heart-melting even. And with my emotions in a current state of turmoil, naturally, I shed a tear for this one. It was really that cute, and it takes place in Canada, so bonus points.

Incredibles 2 kicks off right where we left off with the battle against the Underminer – a clear homage to the Fantastic Four’s first book against Mole Man. The Incredibles family is fresh off their victory of the original, but that does not mean the ban on superheroes is no longer in effect. The story centres around just that, and Mr. and Mrs. Incredible wanting their children to have the freedom to make the choice to battle evil for themselves. And, as the trailers showed us, Mrs. Incredible is at the forefront as she returns to crime fighting.

It is a great progression for the story of the family of super beings. Dash and Violet are faced with their own decisions and are utilized as more than children. While Mr. Incredible’s battle with staying home to care for the children is entertaining and progressive for a Disney film. Mrs. Incredible is a dynamo with her action sequences becoming the most exciting of the series yet. But, it is definitely Jack-Jack that stole the show, is one of the most fun parts of the film. All the kids and I could talk about after was Jack-Jack’s many great scenes.

I love that they managed to sustain the retro feel of the original mixed with modern technology and themes. There is a 60’s-70’s vibe to the world that is yet another homage to the origins of superheroes. But, the villain of Incredibles 2 utilizes and has a lot of commentary on the world of technology today. It is a strange blend, but it works really well for this world.

Now, I am a bit surprised to be saying this myself, but Incredibles 2 is better than the original. I know, sounds crazy, but they managed to keep the fun elements with a story that was a pure thrill ride. Incorporating character arch’s for the whole family, really helped to bring the movie to life. It doesn’t even really matter if you agree, the fact is Incredibles 2 is so much fun. Just enjoy the ride you will love every minute.




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  1. mydangblog says:

    I still have to see the original–my son was 6 when it came out and it was too intense for him. We had to leave the theatre at the scene where they’re in the plane. Great review!


  2. The first movie is my all time favourite… This one is better?? *dashes to the movies*

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    1. Green Onion says:

      I think so, it really is that good

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  3. Laura Beth says:

    I really liked this one. The original will always be my favorite, but I’m so glad that we saw this in theaters. It was a great sequel. And I loved the short!


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