Sunday Mise en Place (July 9 to 15, ‘018)

Hello Sunday. There has been a recent surge of friends and followers entering the fold and I’d like to say welcome and thanks for coming along. The Sunday Mise en Place is a weekly series that is unlike the rest of the blog. On Sunday’s I like to share what is going on in my world whether it is fun, interesting, or (like as of recently) personal. You can also come here and find links to all the posts I shared in the week, so you don’t have to miss anything. Also, being a freelance writer (for hire) anything I put out that I think is relevant or would interest people here, I am happy to share links to as well. Otherwise, I wrap the Mise en Place up with a look ahead at what is on the way or share announcements of other projects coming out soon. Now that everyone is caught up, we can get into what’s going on.

What’s Going On-

Well, it’s the FIFA World Cup final, like right now, as I write this. And, it is shaping up to be an amazing match. After all of my favourite teams have been knocked out, and thank goodness England lost as well, the conclusion does not hold much weight on me. But, Croatia being the underdogs, and after the amazing tournament they’ve had, they have earned my appreciation. As I said though, the game is entertaining so I’m happy either way. And, the kids are honouring me enough to half watch it as well.

*edit: Oh, that was crazy. Congratulations France! That was a fantastic tournament to watch.

Alex is being a good sport as she awaits the rest of the day. With her turning the big 06 this week it is time to party! She couldn’t wait to open her gift from me and harassed me about it until I gave in and let her open it yesterday, but there is still lots of fun and cake to be had today. Happy Birthday Alex!

*edit2: I thought you might want to see Alex’s decorations. She worked very hard on it.

Other than that I have been keeping myself busy, getting out and avoiding getting bored and stuck in my own head. I’ve been finding plenty of writing work to keep busy, but I’ve been feeling a bit of a brain slump, so it’s been a push. It’s been about finding a balance, especially as I am working around Zyler who is on summer vacation. It’s all been a little crazy for us, and it looks like this next week may be our chance to relax and settle into things, just me and my boy.

Last Week’s Posts-


Ha, I think I may have teased this new series long enough that I should just get it going this week, what do you think? I also think I may mix things up on the top ten this week and offer something a little different, but it needs to be done. A couple comic reviews coming and with the next Gideon Falls we can talk about some major news. This should be a really fun week, be sure to check in or come by next week and spend some time having a look.


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  1. mydangblog says:

    It sure was a great final! I’ve read some of those reviews too, and I highly recommend them!

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