Comic Review: Gideon Falls #5

The Background-

This is a major week for Gideon Falls. It was just recently announced that the rights have been sold to adapt the new series into a television show. Considering that reports say there was a massive bidding war, this tells us that the series is about to get better than we already expect. This is also the fourth or fifth screen deal Jeff Lemire has struck in the last two years, and the only question now is, what Lemire story hits the screen first?

Gideon Falls will work great for TV and the comic has come at a wonderful time in our world. The book features an ominous intangible evil that everyone knows is there, but most choose to ignore it. Choosing to confront the evil either makes you look crazy or actually drives you there. The ominous black barn is representative of so many things in our minds, lives, and world, that has the power to break our spirits, often without us even recognizing it. This story encourages us to face the bad, confront the evil, and I’ll buy that show any day.

The Cover-

These covers are so nice and I can’t wait to see them all lined up in a nice little jpeg. They do a great job of bringing you into the world of Gideon Falls. But, once again this month, it is the variant that is truly mind-blowing.

From the creative hands of Skottie Young comes this colourful portrayal of evil incarnate. It is absolutely gorgeous and I want it for my wall, maybe not my bedroom, or anywhere the kids will see it, but still. Young and Lemire have been in a frenzy of trading covers for their works, which makes me want to see the two talents work on a project together so very bad.

The Story-

Last we were in Gideon Falls, Joe Reddy was possessed and on a killing frenzy. Fred and the Sheriff arrive in time to meet up with Reddy, but he quickly injures both of them and mysteriously disappears in a rectangles sort of crop circle. The pair head for Doc Sutton’s place in search of answers, and Fred learns some background on the Sheriff. She is the Doc’s daughter.

Meanwhile, Norton and Dr. Xu are sharing a moment and getting into his background, when she requests to hypnotize him. In an artistic dream, Norton remembers his youth and finds the source of evil, the door. In a strange turn of events, Father Fred finds the same door and goes in to save the Sheriff who has been kidnapped by Reddy.

The Review-

The thing that keeps impressing me issue after issue is Andrea Sorrentino’s out of the ordinary panels and page layouts. Gideon Falls has become so interesting to read beyond Lemire’s great story, because you will never know what the next page is going to look like. Here are a couple of the pages that drew my attention for this issue:

This book just keeps getting wilder and wilder. Adding a dynamic like making Doc and the Sheriff related would seem like enough of a drop for one issue that also included another death, but no, Lemire doesn’t stop. Fred and the unconscious Sheriff are now headed through the door. That will surely be enough for her to believe assuming they make it out again. Every month I am driven mad with waiting for the next issue, but now it is an obsessive need to know what is through that door.

The Score:



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