Comic Review: Avengers #5

The Background-

The Marvel Legacy launch is well underway now. Amazing Spider-Man seemed to be the culmination of all of our hopes from this new era, and all we need now is that Fantastic Four book just a couple weeks away. But, what is happening at the core with the Avengers?

It has been something else. The last issue was a bit of a dry one, being more of an information drop than anything else. The truth is, this series is pretty spectacular. Jason Aaron’s over-the-top story is being depicted in high fashion by a team of artists and every panel is a thing of beauty. Investment is heavy in the Avengers title this go around, and it feels like this book is being treated like a major event, as opposed to a regular series. With only a couple of issues left in the inaugural story, and issue five traditionally being a winner with new books, I am expecting a good one here.

The Cover-

This is just dope. Everything a good comic cover should be. Cap riding backseat in the new Ghost Rider’s wheels with a massive Celestial ready to tear them apart! I mean, that is something that stands out and screams read me, on the shelves. What is also great about these well-done detailed covers, is the art inside actually matches, and what you see is what you get. The art throughout this book is just stunning.

The Story-

Loki reveals to his captive, Captain America, how the Celestials have been infested by the horde and Earth and all its mighty heroes are a victim of circumstance and sickness. Cap don’t give a care and gets a good lick in on him before Ghost Rider comes in to save Cap’s hide. Off they go, as the cover beautifully illustrates.

Calling in his old pal Iron Man, the Avengers assemble once more to face off against these gods and all the bug creatures. The things the characters learned in the last issue are about to come in handy as the groups all have a piece of the puzzle to equate their victory. This book ends with one hell of a showdown about to go down. Like, a giant-sized showdown.

The Review-

This is a crazy way to bring the Celestials to Earth in a relevant way. For those that don’t know what these giant beings are, let’s rewind a bit. The legendary artist Jack Kirby who is responsible for many of the characters we love today had this ability to draw things that no one could imagine. The New Gods in DC Comics is his baby, but in Marvel, he created these massive colourful gods that ruled the universe, known as the Celestials. Could you imagine being the writer who had to find a way to bring Kirby’s awesome creations into the world of superheroes? It was tough, and a lot of these stories fail. That’s what makes this story so awesome, they have brought these gods to Earth and found a way to make all the loose pieces fit into one great story.

The new Ghost Rider is so damn cool. For me, the lure of Ghost Rider never really caught on. I mean, I understand the appeal of a biker with a flaming skull that could beat the shit out of anybody, in fact, that’s awesome. But, I never found a Ghost Rider story that connected with me, and those awful movies did not do him any favours. But, bringing this kid in, who is struggling to understand what he is and the world around him, while also going out of his way to do what is right, well, I love him. And, his saving of Cap in this issue just scored him major brownie points. Then, they gave him some of the best jokes in the book. And then, that ending. Damn! They promise big things from the newest Avenger and I can’t wait.

What made this book go above and beyond, was the assemblage of the Avengers. Earth’s mightiest heroes have come together once again for a battle no one hero could face alone. This series started with a look back to an ancient group of heroes that faced these same impossible odds, but this modern group is about to make them look like a bunch of amateurs. This issue has me pumped, and I cannot wait for more.

The Score-



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