Comic Review: Amazing Spider-Man #2

The Background-

There is no doubt that there is something special in the air surrounding Nick Spencer and Ryan Ottley’s fresh run on Amazing Spider-Man. The comic nerds are excited, and for good reason. With only one issue down we already have this overall sense of things going back to the basics for Spidey.

When you think of the web-slinger and his life, there are a few things that come directly to mind. He should have MJ involved in his world in a significant way. He should be combating balance between keeping his life on track and fighting crime. And, he should be struggling as much as the rest of us. Spencer managed to tell us that this is the track we will be getting back on after just one issue. Plus, he has promised appearances of all our favourites from Spider-Man’s rogue gallery.

Yes, there is good reason to be excited.

The Cover-

And if you weren’t excited yet, this should do it. The Lizard has always been one of the more interesting dynamics compared to other villains. The long-time relationship between Parker and Dr. Conners has made for some really interesting stories. With the conclusion of the first issue, we know Conners is going to be back in Spidey’s world, but in an interesting new way. This should be fun.

The Story-

Oh yes, Dr. Conners is back, and he has been reinstated as a professor. The good news is, his alter ego is now being kept in check by an inhibitor chip (we all know how long those last). But, the good doctor also has a new plan to get rid of the Lizard once and for all, and it involves the exact same machine that gave Parker his powers all those years ago. What could possibly go wrong?

Well, already someone wants to get their hands in there as two hired guns are sent in, Taskmaster and Black Ant. Thankfully, Spidey is there to take care of these villains handily. But, in a shocking turn of events, it turns out Peter Parker was there to help out at the same time.

The Review-

It looks like Peter Parker will be heading back to school once again after all. He sure does go back a lot. But, it does make me happy, as it is another move to the basics of Spider-Man. Bringing Dr. Conners back into his world should actually make for some great reads. It will be interesting to see how this all plays out.

As promised, Spencer is packing in the villains. Besides Lizard’s appearance, we also had Taskmaster, Black Ant, Man Mountain Marko, The Ringer, and a possible hint at the return of Kraven. This is enough to get you excited to read more, as it is anyone’s guess as to who could show up next. There are definitely some bad guys I want to see, and it has been a while since we’ve had a Sinister Six. Just throwing that out there.

There is something pure about this new Amazing Spider-Man. Maybe it is Ryan Ottley’s lovable art style. Or, Spencer’s need to rewind the clock on Parker’s life. Either way, it feels right and it is enjoyable to read at the same time. I still miss Dan Slott, but this does feel right. Plus, Slott will be bringing me Fantastic Four, so what can I complain about.

The Score-



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  1. For Tyeth says:

    Hi Green Onion, normally I don’t get too excited about comic books as I can’t afford most of them but you caught my attention with one name…Kraven! I remember as a kid I got a Spiderman annual (around 1980 I think) and in it were two full length storylines, one was about Vulture and the second was Kraven. I’m sure Kraven could have made it in sports entertainment wrestling of the 80’s with that costume! Might have to try and get a few copies of this title. Thanks.


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