Comic Review: The Terrifics #6

The Background-

DC is lucky enough to squeeze out one more issue of The Terrifics before Marvel brings home their own super-powered foursome. It was a blatant move when DC decided to make their own version of the Fantastic Four, and they weren’t trying to hide it. Even the competition knew that the world was missing something. And now, we are going to have two of them.

The Terrifics have had to bond quickly, facing many adventures in their first five issues. After the last book, things looked bleaker than ever as Metamorpho has been captured by his long-time for, Algon. The rest of the team has been trapped in the Kingdom of Elements.

The Cover-

This is a pretty powerful cover. Mr. Terrific is holding his long-dead wife, Paula. Always something that has haunted the third smartest man in the DC Universe, you know this is not going to go well for the team leader. But, his teammates are there for him, desperately trying to give their friend time. This is a great cover with lots of emotion.

The Story-

The team is trapped in different areas of the Kingdom of Elements. Plastic Man and Phantom Girl are left alone to face their own brutal foes. Mr. Terrific is being haunted by the spirit of his dead wife, Paula. While Metamorpho faces Algon and realizes his plan to switch places. Thankfully, these are all heroes that know how to handle an enemy on their own, and quickly they are reunited to face Algon together.

They manage to escape the Kingdom of Elements trapping Algon once again and saving the world. But, there are some unexpected side effects, like Metamorpho losing his powers. Also, there is a new adversary waiting for them. Dr. Dread has been messing with The Terrifics since inception and now he wants the head of Earths most powerful hero, Tom Strong.

The Review-

This felt like the teams first real test. Thankfully, these are some pretty great heroes on their own. And now, they seem like a stronger team for going through this. I’m starting to really love these Terrifics. I just hope we get more of Plastic Man’s great humour soon, this issue lacked that a bit.

The ending is pretty daunting. Tom Strong was the same name that these heroes found when they were bound together, to begin with. So now, they are trapped in the same universe that this strange hero calls home. How this all works out will be quite interesting. And, Dr. Dread looks like a pretty rad villain.

Despite all of these great things that are exciting me about The Terrifics it still feels like something is missing. Maybe it’s the fact that they don’t feel like part of the DC universe yet. We haven’t seen them interact with anyone else like Batman or Superman. I think that would help to legitimize them and I hope we see that soon.

Oh, and what happened to the dog? He was missing from the conclusion. I hope he’s alright.

The Score-



3 Comments Add yours

  1. rashthedoctor says:

    Sadly I haven’t been able to buy this yet . It’s not available in Indian market yet . Really looking forward to reading it . And among the new books only this one actually intrigues me , Sideways is the least appealing


  2. Alan Stewart says:

    I’d be more interested in this if they weren’t using Tom Strong. I can’t help but feel that DC is just trying to stick it to Alan Moore one more time by dredging up his ABC characters.


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