Sunday Mise en Place (July 23 to 29, ‘018)

Welcome back to the Sunday Mise en Place! It has been a crazy roller coaster of a week for me. I ended last week’s M.e.P. feeling like I got hit with a “tunnel of bricks” (as my daughter called it). I had restless nights of breaking a fever over and over. And, then the rest of my week was amazing. It’s crazy how fast life can turn around and what it can throw your way. You never know how things will go, life has so many surprises.

What’s Going On-

My poor little Alex was having a tough week at daycare this week. As Wednesday hit all she wanted to do was see Dad. Isn’t that the sweetest thing ever? So, of course, she spent an extra couple days here with me. For a crazy little firecracker of a girl, she can be the most precious thing sometimes. She has never been as cuddly and attached to me as these last few days. She’s starting to show how mushy she is on the inside, and I’m so lucky to be her daddy.

If only I could keep the kids from trying to kill each other constantly.

It is finally here! I have been counting down to this week and I am so excited. I am pumped like I am going to see a major concert or go somewhere amazing or something. I have wanted this week for so long and eight years later it is finally here. This Wednesday is the official return of the Fantastic Four! With a great new creative team and the film rights firmly landing in Marvel’s hands, this couldn’t have worked out better. I am pumped to be reading this book monthly once again.

This is also a big week in the Onion house. Next Sunday is Zyler’s birthday and he just won’t stop growing. I’m still kind of scrambling on what I am going to get him, so that’s my focus. And, I am not sure what the Mise en Place is going to look like yet, but I’ll figure something out.

Last Week’s Posts-


Another packed week coming up. As we hit the end of the month look forward to the 5 Must-See’s of August, plus another pop culture history lesson. Have I mentioned that I am excited for Fantastic Four #1 this week? Yeah, you can expect a review for certain. I also have an extra special Longbox Select this week that you aren’t going to want to miss. This one is going to be interesting. I got a couple more things up my sleeve for another great week of blogging. Be sure to check in, or drop by next week for the full list.


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