Top Ten Hopes for Fantastic Four

Just one more sleep until the return of the Fantastic Four. The comic book that started it all for Marvel should have never been pulled off the shelves, but after all those terrible movies I suppose they felt there was nothing left to do. No worries anymore though as they are finally coming home and once again we will have new FF stories each month.

The only question is, where do you take Marvel’s first family now? That’s a tough question and a tough job, but I think Marvel has put them in good hands. Dan Slott was able to give Spider-Man creative, comic worthy stories for a very long time. We can be confident that he will give us some fun and unique plots. Here are a few things that I hope can come out of this re-launch and some important Fantastic elements that should not be missed.

10. Johnny Storm Finds His Place

The Human Torch has done a lot of things in the comic books from going to college to being a rock star. He has always been the teams wild card doing things on his own and trying to build a name for himself. But, after being so concerned about his family so long it would be strange if he didn’t want to stay close to home now. But, to do that he is going to have to find his place and do something that keeps him around and makes him happy.

9. The Future of the Future Foundation

The Future Foundation was one of Reed’s best ideas, to harbour the brilliant minds of the future and give them a place to learn and grow. But, they have been on their own for a while now, so what happens when their founders return. Does the Future Foundation continue the way they were, or do they find a new way to fit into the world? It would be great to see them to continue their work with Reed in one way or another.

8. A Revamp of the Baxter Building

Before Fantastic Four ended Reed Richards learned some hard lessons about keeping portals and weapons in the middle of downtown New York City. However, the Baxter Building is such an essential piece to the Fantastic Four’s world, it’s their home. It’ll be important that he finds them a safe home while keeping all of his discoveries from destroying the world. A new Baxter Building could be really exciting to see.

7. Bringing Back the Rogue Gallery

The Fantastic Four have been out of the game for a while. So, what does that mean for some of their enemies? The Wizard, Puppet Master, The Mad Thinker, have all had a lot of time to run rampant and develop some serious plans. The FF are going to be behind playing catch up, and it would be awesome to see villains like the Frightful Four put the reunited team through the ringer.

6. Reed and Sue’s Relationship

This poor couple has been through so much. There have been so many separations and struggles in their relationship, but they love each other ever so much. Wherever they have been, they have been there together and Reed probably hasn’t had the chance to disappear in his work like he would at home. It would be nice to see them united in a strong way and really be at the centre of this family story again. It would be great to see a bonded couple in the comic books whose relationship is not always struggling.

5. A New Dr. Doom

Between the Fantastic Four being gone and Iron Man being out, Doom found a new self. He became an awesome hero. But, now that everyone is back and everything seems to be okay, where does that leave Doom? And, his favourite person in the world, Valeria, will be back as well. Coombs unrelenting quest for power and control can’t honestly be over. It would be great to see how this all plays out for the number one FF villain.

4. Developing Franklin and Valeria

There are a lot of questions about where Reed, Sue and their children have been. My biggest question by far is how long they have been gone and what is the state of the kids. If Frank and Valeria return as the young children they are it gives them a chance to continue as they were headed. But, what if they return as teenagers or adults? It would completely change things and suddenly they would need to find their own places in the world. I am just excited to see these kids again and have these questions answered.

3. An MCU Movie

Could you imagine how amazing it would have been to see a blue four at the end of Avengers: Infinity War? Making a Fantastic Four movie has proven to be a difficult thing to do proper, but if anyone can do it, it’s the MCU. Having these characters interact with those that are already established would help a lot. And, having a Reed Richards could really change the whole game for the Avengers movies going forward. Hopefully, this book can gain their popularity back enough that Marvel will have no choice but to attempt a film.

2. Creative Storylines

What truly made the Fantastic Four something special from the beginning was the pure imagination that went into it. Travelling stars, finding lost cities, facing giant space planet-eaters, it truly was fantastic. For a long time, the team struggled with being more of a super team and less of adventurers. It would be awesome to see the team pushing the forefront of what the Marvel Universe can look like once again and really become that creative book it once was.

1. No More Droughts

The most important thing is, this lasts. Marvel and the world need the Fantastic Four and I would hate to see them pulled off the shelves like this ever again.



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  1. I CANNOT WAIT. Like you, I have a lot of faith in Dan Slott. For me, it’s not even his epic Spidey run but rather his ‘Tony Stark: Iron Man’ #1. I’ve never had an Iron Man comic on my pull list (outside of when Riri Williams was doing her thing) but his very first issue with Tony had me excited to give it a shot. I can’t wait to see what he does with the FF!

    Also, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, I just found out it’s not coming out until NEXT week. My local comic shop told me that so I looked on Marvel’s site. I guess August 8th is the 57th anniversary of the series’ original premiere. I’m sorry :/. I’m bummed too. But I wanted to try and lighten the blow before you got to the comic shop.


    1. Green Onion says:

      Well, aren’t you just the bearer of bad news. I’ve only been counting down for months, no big deal

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I feel horrible…but I also feel like at least PART of the blame should go to Marvel. I mean, I can at least share it with Marvel. Maybe like a 60/40 split? Or 80/20? Think about it and get back to me.


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