Sunday Mise en Place & Zyler’s Birthday

Happy Sunday, and happy 8th birthday to the greatest little man in the world. My son is 8-years-old today and it is surreal. I love you, Zyler. We have been through so much in your little life and I will always be here for you no matter what comes our way. You’re an amazing little dude and it blows my mind how old and pure your soul is. We’re in the latter years of your first decade, but you might as well be turning 108. Happy birthday.

What’s Going On-

I have had a spectacular week and it can be powerful how life plays out sometimes. I feel great like I am finally coming into a point in my life where it all makes sense. There is purpose and reason behind it all. Sometimes we just need to step back, let things happen, and let the debris fall. You never know how things will play out, and it can often turn out for the better.

I also got some ballin’ news yesterday, that my oldest of friends is moving back to the city. It was an inevitability, but it’s such divine timing. We share a companionship that has carried through it all and having him here now brings out a crazy excitement in me. It always helps us both being able to work and talk together. Plus, he’s got the greatest dog in the world who I know will lose his shit when he sees me.

Anyways, back to Zyler’s birthday and I should pack this up to get the festivities started. Big day of mini-golf, presents, friends, family, and of course birthday cake! He’s already on me about opening my gift as soon as he can this morning. I wonder how long I can drive him crazy for?

So, yeah, let’s wrap this up. There were some really great posts this week that I need you guys to check out. Unfortunately, the FF book I was pumped about got pushed back to this week’s new comic book day. Just building anticipation I guess.

Last Week’s Posts-


Another week of comic books, comic book appreciation, and comic theory. I have been kicking off some fun projects that are really exciting me. So, it is all about finding a balance between these fresh ideas, blogging, and I still have to make money. But, no worries, the G.O.B. is getting in a fun routine and the new series’ have been great.

Have a fantastic week, check in soon.


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  1. mydangblog says:

    Happy birthday to your son—eight is such a great age. Then again, they all are!


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