Superhero Zodiac Signs

As I delve deeper into my own personality and how the stars aligned to help carve my nature, it interests me to see other peoples traits come out based on their birth. As I wrote up Augusts Pop Culture History, I found it a bit shocking that Spider-Man was first seen in August, and he is a Leo. So, I decided to look a bit further and see how some of our favourite heroes were defined by their birthdays – the day they first came on the scene. Let’s have a look:

Robin (Dick Grayson) – Aries


The courageous, determined, and optimistic Dick Grayson fits into his zodiac sign of Aries well. Often impatient and with a desire to be in the leadership role, Robins falling out with Batman makes more sense as he went on to take charge of teams like the Teen Titans and The Outsiders. The energetic Robin has always been full of determination and honesty, all true signs of Aries.

The Hulk – Taurus


At first, I was confused by the biggest bruiser in comic books being a practical and patient Taurus, but it makes sense. The symbol of the bull should have opened my eyes that The Hulk is as reliable as they come, I mean “we have a Hulk”. But further, Bruce Banner holds all the signs of a Taurus, and it makes the torment of his sudden changes and insecurity even more powerful.

Superman – Gemini

images (1).jpg

Gentle and curious with a desire to learn, but is tormented by the fear of being alone, have you ever seen a more clear insight into Superman’s character than the traits of a Gemini? The zodiac sign is also representative of carrying two personalities, which makes sense for the original man of alter egos, with two personalities that could not be any more different.

Dr. Strange – Cancer


The highly imaginative and tenacious traits of Cancer is precisely how I would describe those original Doctor Strange books. The Sorcerer Supreme keeps things close to his chest, dislikes strangers and is deeply intuitive. I think we may have hit the nail on the head with this one.

Spider-Man – Leo


Peter Parker may not show all the signs of a Leo, but the web-slinger certainly does. The hero has a quick wit, which he hates when is ignored, even by his worst enemies. Spidey often needs to be the centre of attention and always has something to say when in a crowd. But, those generous, warm-hearted traits are the core of who he is.

Professor X – Virgo


They don’t come any more analytical than Professor X and would you have expected him to have had any other sign? The man who built a school and a superhero team has devoted his life to his work, but with a practical and kind purpose. And the last thing Charles would ever want for him or his team is to be centre stage. He was always content with his methodical approach to changing the world.

Flash (Barry Allen) – Libra


Not as quick to violence as his peers, but the Flash will always stand up for injustice. Barry Allen is the social butterfly of the Justice League and always been the core of keeping those heroes together. His super speed is the perfect ability for his zodiac sign as he can quickly defuse a situation and avoid as much conflict as he can. But, he is able to help everyone and stand up for what is right.

The Thing – Scorpio


There is no truer friend in comic books than the ever-lovin’ Thing. His bravery and passion have given him the ability to help his friends no matter what universe they end up in. For a big guy that can be violent, he is also quick to express his emotions. The Thing is a Scorpio through and through.

Wonder Woman – Sagittarius


The idealistic, philosophical Wonder Woman is a perfect representation of Sagittarius. She is all about generosity and freedom, and despite her role as a diplomat, she will often act and say things in a non-diplomatic way. Diana’s desire to leave the Amazon and see the world is the definition of the Sagittarius.

Kitty Pride – Capricorn


There is no X-man more about responsibility and discipline than the young Kitty Pride. It was an inevitability that she would lead the team one day because managing is what she is good at. She may be unforgiving and condescending at points, but she has all the self-control of a good Capricorn.

Deadpool- Aquarius


Nobody hates a boring situation more than Aquarius and Deadpool is a guy that won’t compromise for anything dull. He can be temperamental and aloof, but he is quietly a good person that wants to do right. He’s original and independent doing things in his own unique way. Deadpool is the Aquarius who can see things from both sides and make his own choices.

Batman – Pisces


Pisces have a need to escape reality, which has always been Batman’s weakness, delving himself in a scary world because being Bruce Banner scares him more. He likes to be alone and is full of wisdom and intuition. There is no better sign than that of the martyr Pisces for the dark knight.

So, in the immortal words of the Beastie Boys “tell me party people, what’s your zodiac sign!” Who do you share a sign with on this list?


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  1. kristianw84 says:

    I love this!! So cool!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Green Onion says:

      Thanks! It was a fun idea to play with

      Liked by 1 person

  2. mydangblog says:

    I love that I share a star sign with The Thing! Although I wish I was Aquarius like Deadpool:-)


  3. Zezee says:

    Aww, me and Batman share a sign then.


  4. I’m a Cancer so I’m tight with Doctor Strange here. Also, when I opened this post I thought it was going to be you making up a new zodiac sign chart based on superheroes. But instead you interpreted the classic on based on when superheroes were born! I’m sure a surprising amount of research went into this so kudos there. This was a lot of fun!


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