Comic Review: Amazing Spider-Man #3

The Background-

Spider-Man is back in swinging action. With two issues a month of the Amazing title it is great that we don’t have to wait so long to see what happens. Spencer and Ottley’s take on the friendly neighbourhood wall-crawler has been the talk of the comic world. For good reason, there is a sense of comic book essence and basics in these stories.

The last issue left us on quite a cliffhanger as Spider-Man and Peter Parker shared the same space. A lot of theories floated around, but Spencer promised that this would be a surprise – while keeping with the Spidey basics that are driving this fresh take on the major series. So, let’s find out what the heck is happening:

The Cover-

This is not the first or even the twelfth time we have seen Spidey and Peter Parker meet. But, I suppose that it does give you a sense of classic comic storytelling. Like Spider-Man himself is part of his own rogue gallery as much as any of the popular villains. This cover may be simple, but that is the theme I gather from it.

The Story-

Peter is settling in and relaxing. Things are great with MJ, and he can connect with old friends like Randy Robertson and Norah Winters. But, how is it Parker is able to let go like this and not have to swing off to every call to action. Well, Spider-Man has it covered.

In the last issue when Peter was attacked in Doc Conners lab he was knocked into a big science-y machine with a fancy fictional name. The results were splitting Parker in two. One, the responsible Peter who is worried about work, family, and school. The other, the powerful Spider-Man who can keep New York and the world safe.

Sounds perfect right? Of course, it can’t be so simple. Parker meets with Doc Conners who repeats the same experiment that split him in two on a mouse. Conners’ explains that the abilities and consciousness that is split is too unpredictable and could, therefore, be dangerous. But, how is a powerless Peter going to find his web-slinging counterpart now?

The Review-

Clone sagas, alternate realities, villains controlling his body, Peter Parker has seen plenty of people take over his wall-crawling responsibilities. This time it truly is himself which is comforting to a point. He can relax knowing that this Spidey would do as he does. It is an interesting take on a classic Spider-Man theme. But, there is also a comfort in knowing that this is not going to be an ongoing storyline that will take over the next year or five. It’s more of an homage to the web-slinging tales that came before.

It is also interesting to think about how this experiment could affect Doc Conners. Splitting The Lizard, but not knowing where Conners’ mind is could create an interesting story. Additionally, there is a building of another villain storyline. One that should excite many readers. It looks to me like Kraven the Hunter is making his return.

Overall, despite the interesting developments, this was kind of a chiller book. Nothing exciting, just story development. Though, they did manage to squeeze in yet another obscure villain which is something these creators promised lots of. It will be great to see where all of this goes, and thankfully we won’t have to wait long.

The Score-



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