Sunday Mise en Place (Aug. 6 to 12, ‘018)

And, it’s another Sunday, bringing me back to yet another Mise en Place. The place where I can discuss the mess called life that we all go through, but in my own unique way. A sort of live journal where I share what’s up and what’s down as well as give updates on the blog, my writing jobs, and other such projects.

It all starts off here, with ‘what’s going on’-

What’s Going On-

It has been horrendously hot in town. Heck, it’s been hot all over. But, Calgary literally broke the record on Friday for having its hottest day in recorded history. Most often this would be a nightmare for me, but I have been having a fresh relationship with the sun and allowing it to give me energy.

That would be all well and dandy, however, there is also an extreme amount of smoke. Mostly culminating from the abundant amount of wildfires through BC which gets carried through the mountains and drops right here in the foothills. So, add that to the still heat and it has nowhere to go, putting us inside an uncomfortable bubble of nastiness. I’m hoping some rain today can wash some of this out and let everyone here get back to enjoying the world again.

Meanwhile, I have the absolute most adorable thing that you will hear today! Yesterday, after a day at the market and chilling by the river, we came home to a tiny note in the mailbox. Signed to 8-year-old Zyler, it was a message from a neighbourhood girl. All it really states is her affection for my son, and how she appreciates how nice he is to her and everyone else too. As precious as that may be, Zyler’s fumbling on what to decide to write back may be the more adorable thing here.

Before I wrap up here and get into the great Green Onion articles to read this week, I’d like to share even more. In my expanding my writing work I have finally come full circle a bit. Utilizing my education and many years of experience I have started to write about the culinary arts. So, I have gotten my first break-in with a wonderful group that has many diet and health sites, with hopes that I can help bring expertise on the simple enjoyment and process of cooking. So, though I have been developing with them for a few weeks now, you can now check out my official byline.

Last Week’s Posts-


Oh geez, I don’t even know right now. Which is funny because a huge part of me starting the Mise en Place was to get myself organized for the week ahead. I suppose I should just do that. I still have a comic review to drop from last week’s new comic book day. I have myself a little list going for Top Ten Tuesday ideas, I generally just feel that out and go with my gut. I am currently up to six ongoing comic titles that I will review regularly. I am thinking of dropping at least one of those as I anticipate a couple of other series coming that I will want to add. But, either way, it assures that there should be at least one review per week. And, the Longbox Select series has been a lot of fun, and I may be going back to polling on The Twitter to see what people are interested in.

That’s a full week, so, let’s do it.

Keep the energy up folks, and have a great week.


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  1. mydangblog says:

    Your byline is terrific–congratulations! Also, I loved the Superhero Star Signs!


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