Comic Review: Gideon Falls #6

Gideon Falls has been a complex story already. But, the conclusion of the first chapter brings up the intensity and breaks the mold of artistic choices.

The Background-

I have been completely enthralled by the ongoing series Gideon Falls by Jeff Lemire and Andrea Sorrentino. From the first issue, it was evident that this story was going to be unique and ground-breaking. Each month the story has developed unexpectedly to the point that making predictions is off of the table.

Now, as we reach the conclusion of book one, we are in a whole new field. There is a reason why Gideon Falls is speedily rising in popularity and has already sold filming rights. Original stories are hard to come by, and this one is packed full of intensity.

The Cover-

If you could line-up all of the primary covers of the series thus far they would show you the progression of this story subtly and artistically. The dark, creepy cover of issue six captures the essence of what happens inside. It took us until the completion of this first chapter to see the whole plan here. And, I love that. I love how art can sometimes take time to reveal itself like that.

Also, we got a Jeff Lemire original variant cover! Ever since my first read of Essex County I have had an affinity to Lemire’s artistic style. Hard to describe or put my finger on, there is a sincerity and honesty to everything he produces. This Gideon Falls cover definitely captures Lemire’s intentions.

The Story-

I don’t want to get too much into things here. This is truly a moment that needs to be experienced for yourself.

Basically, Father Fred has followed the Sheriff into the doorway into the black barn, and things get a little wacky. There are elements of pieces that will unfold as the story progresses. There are elements of Fred’s past that reveal where his demons come from. There is a lot to be shaken out here, and some major reveals that reshape the core of this title.

The Review-

Complex seems to be the theme that comes out for me on this issue. It’s deeper than the multilayered story that has developed. The art of Andrea Sorrentino is encapsulating the same idea. With splashes of Fred’s travels through the black barn it is like a labyrinth of the mind. Each page is offering new perspectives, new dynamics, and pure creative energy. For someone who has read hundreds upon hundreds of comic books, it should tell you something when I say I have never read anything like this.

It really impresses me when I step back and look at this book as a whole. As a theme, a style, an overall genre, Gideon Falls is something that would not typically resonate for me. It is also completely out of Jeff Lemire’s usual wheelhouse like we are seeing a darker side to the emotional creator. But, there is a power to it all that is undeniable. Like this is a story that needed to be told.

As a single issue, this book brought a lot out. It managed to bring the whole theme together without revealing too much. It is less about how this plot progressed and more about an energy that it conveyed. It is mightily impressive how enthralling Gideon Falls can be. For a conclusion to the first chapter, there is no doubt that this is a title that deserves higher recognition.




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