Sunday Mise en Place (Aug. 13 to 19, ‘018)

Hello, my good people. Welcome back to another round of the Sunday Mise en Place. I have to say, I am pretty grateful to have this weekly post where I can share my most random of thoughts and events. Every Sunday I can start my day by recapping the week before, then I can put it all aside and set some intentions for what’s coming. This weekend specifically feels like one phase is ending and I am getting ready for the plenty of challenges coming my way. But, let’s get into some more of these random thoughts and really get into what’s going on.

What’s Going On-

It can be really interesting how life throws you so many random moments of joy and alternatively, plenty of challenges. And, because of that, I have always compared life to stories. Such as, if a main character had no adversity on his path, and everything was victory after victory, it would be a pretty boring book. Those difficulties equal growth and complexity, and just like the stories, we need them in our real lives to help build our own character arch. It’s just that sometimes it can be shitty to have to be the main character who has plenty of things to face. Though, in the end, it does makes those victories that much sweeter. I guess what I am trying to say is: just like the books we love the whole way through, we need to appreciate every moment of our own life story.

Is that a little more existential than my typical nerdy dad ramblings? That’s probably a good thing, this onion is still growing. I have been on a great path of looking at things from multiple perspectives, learning to savour the moments, and a whole slew of self-discovery. Plus, I spent the day yesterday climbing around a waterfall – which is always good for the soul.

I also wanted to share a message from a much younger me that came at me in the form of those Facebook memory things this morning. Nine years ago I dropped some real philosophical gold that carries some weight with how I am feeling now. “A yellow sun and blue oceans make for a green planet, that’s just basic colours.” Granted, this may have come from a time that I was allowing other things to influence my body and mind, but still, the concept is there. Everything has a purpose, everything has a reason, and everything will be okay.

Last Week’s Posts-


I know this is going to be a challenging week for my blogging, just because I have a few significant dates to deal with in the next couple of weeks. However, there will still be plenty of content and the next two weeks, at minimum, will probably look a lot like the last one. I am also coming down to the significant milestone of my 500th blog post, which is a mind blower when I look at where I started and the challenges blogging has presented.

Anyways, I hope you all enjoy this choose-your-own-adventure book called life this week. Thanks for joining mine.


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  1. mydangblog says:

    500? That’s awesome—congrats!


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