Comic Review: Amazing Spider-Man #4

The Background-

Spider-Man is back in full swing. Nick Spencer and Ryan Ottley’s interpretation has been a breath of fresh air. Legitimately titling the first storyline “Back to Basics,” it feels like just that. Fans have been soaking in this traditional style Spidey storytelling. And, with two books a month there is plenty to talk about.

So far, things have been predictably difficult for Peter Parker to find comfort in the real world. A recent accident has caused him to be divided into two, one Spider-Man, with all the abilities, and one Parker, with all the encompassing drama. However, Peter has learned that this new split could cause some significant ripples for everyone involved.

The Cover-

A simple cover, but with Ottley’s talented rendition it is exciting to see what each book will look like. There is something about his artwork that truly brings out those feelings of back-to-basics. Spidey is drawn with his signature poses, but with a sharpness to it, that screams comic book art. It makes these books enjoyable to read and pretty to look at.

The Story-

As his other half is galavanting around being the hero that that part of him always wished for, Peter is left with all the responsibility. Including recognizing that this division could have a drastic impact. Unfortunately, Spidey is too caught up with things and happy to be avoiding the dullness of Parker. But, Peter also finds out that this new situation is less sustainable then he already feared.

Meanwhile, we discover that the original attack of the Tri-Sentinel was delivered by another old Spidey foe. Set on the destruction of the Spider and to prove himself as a legitimate mad scientist, Mendel Stromm has some bigger plans in store for the web-slinger

The Review-

I take big comfort in knowing that this mini Spider-clone saga will not last. It is enjoyable to the extent that it is just a small saga, and there is no concern of Spidey being torn from Parker for too long. Things will get back to basics soon enough, and the hero will have a new perspective and appreciation for his responsibility.

I have to say I love that Spider-Man gave his new pet robot a paint job. Typically you wouldn’t expect him to care about brand recognition, but the amateur facelift of the Tri-Sentinel helps to promote this free-spirited wall-crawler. It is interesting to see what Spidey would do with a little less responsibility and an affinity for having fun.

I also love the idea of Uber-Hero. Imagine hitching a ride with Thor!

Overall this was a simple issue meant to tie everything together. However, Spencer continues to slip in his obscure characters and creative Spidey moments to keep things fun and interesting. I am loving reading this title in a unique way of previous Spider-Man books. I just want to keep reading more, luckily, I won’t have to wait long.

The Score-



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