Sunday Mise en Place (Sept. 3 to 9, ‘018)

So, I’m getting this week’s Mise en Place out much later than I normally like, but that’s okay. I managed to get another camping trip in with a stellar friend and the kids. Much needed as the week I was hoping to have last week became a little jumbled. Sometimes we get in our own way of achieving what we want. It’s alright. As long as we get back on track and remember what’s truly important and meaningful to us. Let me get more into this here:

What’s Going On-

Last week I mentioned how important it is to let old baggage go so that there is room for new growth. This is a theme I am anticipating to carry through the month. But, it is not as simple as it sounds. What ever is?

It’s a lot like being on a diet. There are so many things that are easy to cut out of your life. When you know something is terrible for you it is logical to remove it from your diet. But, there are some things that bring you joy and are much more difficult to move on from. For example, you’re eating healthier but you still love ice cream. You find a healthy alternative that fits what you need right now like a frozen yogurt. But, sometimes you eat the fro-yo and it just makes you think of ice cream. The challenge is not diving into the ice cream and enjoying the fuck out of your frozen yogurt. Because it is good, it tastes great, it might not be ice cream, but it is exactly what you need for a better you.

It can be so difficult to let some things go even though you want something better. Why focus on that ice cream that is going to kill you, when you can have all the frozen yogurt you want. You’re lucky to have frozen yogurt at all, don’t focus on the ice cream when you have something wonderful in front of you.

I’ve been getting in my own way of that a lot this week. I have two parts of me fighting to the death and only one can come out victorious. There is my overall self that is focused on the now and the future and growing into the person I want to be. And, the other that is wrapped up in the instant gratification. Every day I have an opportunity to be my whole self and create the world I want for myself, yet that other part of me creeps in when my defences are down. I think that’s something everybody can resonate with. I’ve been making massive strides and am getting over being my own worst enemy. I need to remember to ground myself on those challenging moments and focus on what’s really important.

I didn’t get to the blogging the way I hoped last week. I have a lot of goals right now and trying to get it all to fit when I tell it to was a little ambitious. It needs to develop and grow until it all explodes the way it needs to. I feel good about this week. I have found some great habits developing and now it’s about bringing it all full circle.

Thanks for reading. Thanks to frozen yogurt for being understanding through the ice cream cravings. Things have their purpose folks, just allow them to be and stay true to yourself. Have a successful week.


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